Term and invoicing

The cost for Event Plus is 39,95 € per month / event.

Only the active days of Event Plus will be calculated. The invoices will be created on a monthly basis.

The term of Event Plus ends automatically one day after the event end date. However the term of Event Plus can be extended or shortened at any time (under the button Visitors --> Manage Event Plus).

Example for invocing:

Event Plus will be activated on the 15th of May and ends automaticall on the 30th of June (one day after the event end date).

Consequently an invoice will be created on the 1st of June (with the calculating dates 15th of May to 31st of May) with the amount of approx. 19,98 € . Since Event Plus will be invoiced monthly, a second invoice will be created on the 1st of July with the dates of 1st of June till the 30th of June. the amount is 39,95 €.

Last update on 12.05.2020

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