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To help you create your event and promote it effectively, ‘Clara’ – who draws on the experience of millions of past events – will provide you with useful tips that are tailored to your specific needs.

As soon as you create an event or a draft, Clara will spring into action and introduce herself.

Whilst you’re working, Clara will be busy in the background comparing your event to successful forerunners – and if she notices any room for improvement, she’ll use data streams to come up with exactly the right tips for your unique requirements. If she has tips for you, an orange dot will appear under the event in the EventManager, showing you how many tips Clara has come up with. When Clara’s tips refer to invoice- or tax-related topics, the dot will turn red.

You can read the tips that Clara has come up with and then go directly to the relevant settings by simply clicking on a button. You’ll then be able to make the relevant changes and implement Clara’s recommendations straight away. Clara also automatically checks whether your event page is suitable for mobile use and lets you know whether everything is OK.

You can mark tips that you have actioned as complete, or you can delete or archive them if you no longer need them. This removes the orange dot – but you’ll still have access to the tips. You can retrieve the tips in the ‘Current, Done, Deleted and Archived’ section.

Last update on 26.06.2019

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