Exporting the attendee list

Data export – retrieving and creating statistics and reports

  1. Go to the menu item Data & invoices and click on Data export. This section contains reports to download as Excel or CSV files, to help you manage your attendees.
  2. Choose one of the pre-defined reports: 
    • Pre-registration: a list of attendees who have pre-registered
    • Tickets and orders:
      • a list of tickets sold (also contains tickets that have not yet been paid for)
      • a list of orders, e.g. for your accounting department
    • Product data: a list of all products sold
    • Entry management:
      • Entry management report: This list includes all entry-related data, such as who has checked in, at which entrance, etc.
      • Consolidated list of attendees: This list contains all relevant data that you will need to manage entries at the door. You can use this list as a guest list.
    • Alternatively, you can create your own report.

Creating a report

  1. Go to the menu item Data & invoices and click on Data export.
  2. Click on Create report. You can create a report for one or more events using your account.                              
  3. Enter the name of the report.
  4. Change the language, if necessary.                        
  5. Decide which type of report is needed, e.g. tickets, orders, additional products, attendees.
  6. Determine which data needs to be exported.          
  7. Check the box next to Filter report to filter the data by status (paid, not paid yet and cancelled), date range, or ticket category.
  8. Check the last box if you want to Change the order and naming of columns in the final step. Click on Next, use drag & drop to make the necessary changes, and then click on Save.

You can now download your report as an XLS or CSV file here at any time.

Last update on 27.06.2019

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