Reactivating attendees

Use the success of your current event to generate and retain attendees for your next event.

There are many options for follow-up communication, ensuring that you remain in contact with your attendees and increase attendee retention.

  1. Start off with a ‘thank you’ message for your attendees once the event is over. If you have set up your event in the XING EventManager, you are automatically allowed to send 12,000 emails per month to your attendees.
  2. Once your event has finished, upload images to your event page so that attendees can look back and reminisce about the event.
  3. Create a group on XING and name it after your event. A XING group is the perfect platform to keep in touch with attendees throughout the year. Irrespective of when your event is taking place, you can invite group members to join discussions on specific subjects, post exciting articles, and share event updates.
Last update on 27.06.2019

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