Viewing and editing attendee data

  1. Go to the menu item My event and click on Attendee list. This will show you a list of all attendees, which you can manage and edit.
  2. You can sort this list from ascending or descending order, or filter it according to different criteria:
    • Paid/Accepted
    • Not paid yet
    • Cancelled
    • Imported
    • No answer
  3. Search data by specific order or ticket information using the search box.
  4. Check the box next to the order and ticket information that you wish to edit. The menu item Please select action gives you the following options:
    • Mark as paid
    • Send tickets and invoices again
    • Download tickets
    • Download invoices
    • Download badges
    • Devaluate tickets
    • Reset tickets
  5. To modify the information of individual orders, click on Edit. The next page also allows you to activate free additional products after the order has been placed, or change the invoicing address of the ticket purchaser and generate an amended invoice.
  6. You also have the option to cancel orders in the attendee list. As the organiser, you can cancel an entire order or perform a partial cancellation in the attendee list for the event. During the cancellation process, you can select who will pay the processing fees — the ticket purchaser or you, as the organiser. You can refund the entire invoice amount or set a cancellation fee as either a percentage or fixed amount in EUR.
Last update on 28.06.2019

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