Pre-registration for your event

If you activate pre-registration for your event, attendees can pre-register for the event in advance, without committing themselves. Registration is non-binding – your potential attendees are not purchasing a ticket at this stage, and don’t enter any payment details.

Pre-registration is a good idea if

  • you are hosting an exclusive event to win new customers: If you link your ticket sales and pre-registration together, you are the one who decides who takes part in your event. You can find out information about your potential attendees and accept or decline their participation. Particularly when it comes to exclusive events intended to generate new customers, you can check through your pre-registration list for the right customer profiles.
  • you are hosting major events with a cancellation policy: To resell cancelled tickets as quickly as possible, you can go through the pre-registration list and offer the recently cancelled ticket to those interested in your event. This allows you to restrict communication to the people who want to attend your event, enabling you to resell the ticket.

Our instructions explain all about the XING EventManager’s pre-registration feature that allows you to decide who attends your event.

Last update on 26.06.2019

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