Sending event updates

Entice your visitors by using discount codes, for example, or arouse their interest by giving details about the venue, the schedule, or your speakers.

If you have subscribed to Event Plus, and your event page is generating traffic, you can post event updates on the visitors’ XING landing page.

  1. Go to the XING page of the event that you would like to promote.
  2. Go to the Visitors tab in the menu and click on Send event update.
  3. Enter your Text (no more than 150 characters).
  4. Upload an Image. (JPG, BMP, PNG; max. 20MB).
  5. (Optional) Select a Reason for sending, to enable better tracking later on. Your selection will now be displayed and included in the History & statistics table in the ‘Event update’ section.
  6. (Optional) Do you want event page visitors who are already on the guest list to see the update, too? If so, select this checkbox.
  7. Send your event update.

The ‘Event update’ section also shows you:

  • how many of your event page visitors have received an event update
  • how many event updates you have left for this event
  • how many event updates you have already posted for this event

When you click on History & statistics, you will also be able to see:

  • when the last event updates were sent
  • what the reason for sending was
  • who sent the event update
  • how many XING members have seen your event update
  • how many times your event update was posted on the landing page of XING members

You can re-read the latest event update by clicking on the reason for the update. You are also able to delete event updates if necessary. Once you have deleted an update, it will no longer be shown to your event page visitors.

Last update on 18.02.2020

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