Your script for successful events: Our data from millions of events

Was ist es genau, was Ihren Event zum Bestseller werden lässt? Es ist die Erfahrung von Millionen Events. Mit XING Events schauen Sie hinter die Kulissen bequem per Knopfdruck. Ihr neues Wissen setzen Sie dann einfach für Ihre eigenen Veranstaltungen ein. Effiziente Verarbeitung von Event- und Teilnehmerdaten ist das Sesam-öffne-Dich für die ganz neue Art von Teilnehmergewinnung & Teilnehmermanagement. Dazu nutzen Sie den riesigen Daten-Pool von XING – nur einer von vielen Vorteilen, den Sie so bei keinem Wettbewerber bekommen.

Increase success through intelligent evaluation of high-quality data

How to hit a bull’s eye with your event? By inviting the right attendees. But who is actually the right fit for your event? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could precisely define and address your desired target group? That's where we come in. Because we belong to XING, the leading social network for professional contacts with over 20 million users - and user profiles. This is an enormous potential for you because our huge data pool provides you with a tailor-made selection of attendees. We compare your event data with the profile details of our members. And there you have a perfect match. It is precisely these hits that make your event a success.

The XING cutlery: Know-how from millions of events

XING Events has always been and remains the reliable and strong partner for millions of events. 80% of all attendees have a XING profile. The profile data of our users will be scoured based on the key data of your event. This way we can select the right prospects and provide targeted information about your event. It goes without saying that all this is done automatically and 100% in accordance with the strict requirements of the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our vision: Intelligent event marketing for everyone!

Attracting and retaining event attendees in a targeted and effective manner - we are already expanding this strong success basis of XING Events for you. Soon, you will address your desired attendees with effective advertising formats via targeted event marketing campaigns - without wasting advertising resources. Your campaigns learn with every click. They optimise themselves, so to speak, and can thus address highly relevant target groups more and more precisely. We will be happy to keep you up to date on our other ideas. So stop by more from time to time.

Use best practice in real time

However, the future can do even more. The motto is: Learn from the experiences of others. With machine learning, the intelligent platform recognises patterns and regularities in successful events and, based on these patterns and regularities, derives recommendations for you. With this real-time information, you can optimise your event with lightning speed, even up to right before it starts.

Getting the most out of data streams Data are the fuel that drives your attendee generation and attendee management to success. Our strength is to get this data moving. And you use this data flow for yourself – ever more sensibly, ever more efficiently.

Our treasure chest of data

We have data on 1.6 million events, 12 million attendees, and 230,000 organisers. We also know what is of particular interest to our 20 million members.

Intelligent data processing

Artificial intelligence evaluates these huge amounts of data with lightning speed. This gives you the advantage of using our individual recommendations for action for your events.

Your benefit & success

Our know-how from millions of events and our intelligent event marketing strategies give you everything you need to place your events well and fill them to the last seat.

Treasure chest of data & data protection – our number one priority GDPR-compliant and therefore legal at all times

Evaluating data and using it to your advantage – this is only possible with the greatest respect for the privacy of our users. All attendee data are always secure and protected. We treat them with the utmost care and responsibility and always in compliance with data protection regulations. For us, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) valid throughout the EU since 2018 is instrumental in the way we process and protect data.

20 million members trust our data protection because we:

  • are a German company and have always paid attention to the observance of strict data protection laws.
  • have our servers exclusively in the EU, in a certified high security data centre.
  • ensure secure payment processing through PCI certification.
  • are always accessible via browser and from anywhere.
  • guarantee highest reliability.

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