The entry process goes digital with XING Events, Boomset, and Choose 2 Rent Mobile SaaS cloud solution, even for complex events

  • Fully automated check-in with Boomset and Choose 2 Rent
  • Smart technologies create unique event experiences
  • First use of the entry process at the Social Media Week Hamburg was a great succes
  • Real-time access to meaningful statistics and visitor data

Munich, 9 May 2018. How do I ensure a smooth and fast entry process for my attendees? How can I make sure that data can quickly be changed on-site at the event without causing delays?

XING Events, the event industry’s experts for attendee management and event marketing, and Boomset (, the app-based check-in solution, along with Choose 2 Rent (, the specialist for admission hardware, are announcing their partnership. The aim of this partnership is to offer organisers a smooth and fully automated entry process with state-of-the-art technologies.

“Our aim is to support organisers with the best and most up-to-date technologies on the market – at every stage of a business event. We are delighted to welcome Boomset and Choose 2 Rent on board as partners. With their help, our customers are able to further simplify the entry process for their attendees”, Prof. Dr. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, managing director at XING Events GmbH, says.

Smart technologies create unique event experiences
Kerem Baran, CEO of Boomset, explains: “Using an interface, customers can import attendee data into the Boomset system. They can then manage these data via the Boomset application using the mobile SaaS cloud solution – benefiting from a simple and clearly organised process.”

Smart technologies like RFID help organisers to create a unique event experience for their attendees: Attendee data are saved on wristbands or badges, enabling contactless entry controls and cashless payments on-site and thus speeding up the entry process.

The flexible Boomset software in combination with the modular entry hardware from Choose 2 Rent allows attendees to autonomously check-in at iPad stations on-site at the event, flexibly make adjustments to their data or preregistered sessions, and print their badge.

Our successful first customer: Social Media Week Hamburg
Besides event marketing and ticketing solutions from XING Events, the digital conference “Social Media Week Hamburg” relied upon Boomset’s entry solution for their event at the end of February.

“Using the XING Events solutions as well as the fully automated check-in from Boomset and Choose 2 Rent on-site at the event, we were able to significantly reduce the efforts required and, in comparison to previous years, offer our visitors a better-quality experience. In addition to a much faster accreditation process, we were particularly convinced by the system’s flexibility,” says Philipp Löhmann, project manager at the Social Media Week Hamburg.

Oliver Braun, Managing Director at Choose 2 Rent, personally oversaw the check-in at the Social Media Week in Hamburg and confirms: “Our attendees appreciated the combination of XING Event’s ticketing software, Boomset’s software, as well as our own hardware. The iPad stations along with coloured name badges in the design of the event – without badge holders and adhesive labels – were a great success. Attendees who spontaneously registered via the XING Events Platform were particularly amazed by the rapid registration and entry process.”

Real-time access to meaningful statistics and visitor data
While attendees can select and book sessions directly on-site, organisers can view the attendees’ preferred sessions via a real-time reporting tool. They can therefore reduce their efforts to a great extent and enable their attendees to get accredited faster.

Myriam van Alphen-Schrade Senior Manager, PR & Communication

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