XING Events introduces new payout mode for ticket sales First ticketing provider for business events to pay out organisers’ entire balance on a monthly basis

  • As of April 1st, organisers receive monthly revenue payouts of their ticket sales
  • Revenue stream from ticket sales is now promptly accessible ahead of the event
  • Unique service combined with complete management of payment processing

Munich, 27 February 2017 ― Starting on April 1st, XING Events, the industry expert in event marketing and online ticketing, is offering a new payment processing service to its customers. Organisers who sell their tickets via the XING TicketingManager now skip waiting for the final settlement ― and thus their revenue ― until the end of the event. As of this year’s second quarter, XING Events prepares monthly settlements and, depending on the balance, transfers the invoice amounts to the customer’s accounts at the end of each month.

Increased flexibility thanks to faster access to ticket revenues
This provides XING Events customers with a decisive edge: They are now able to promptly access their revenue from ticket sales ahead of the event. Especially for events with an extensive lead time, this presents a decisive financial advantage as it reduces the amounts that organisers have to pay in advance.

Customers now benefit from double the comfort
With this step, XING Events further expands its range of services for organisers. “This not only makes us the first and sole ticketing provider for business events to pay out the organiser’s entire balance on a monthly basis”, Prof. Dr. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, CEO at XING Events, says, “but also the only provider to completely take care of payment processing for our customers.”

Through this service, which is completed by fast and comfortable access to all invoice documents concerning the events, XING Events offers a decisive edge compared to its competitors. Organisers can hence continue to completely focus on professionally organising and realising their event.

Maik Wiege, Senior Product Owner at XING Events, is convinced that “the new mode has enabled us to take a big step forward towards catering to our customers’ needs and requirements. Should any questions arise during the transition phase, our well-prepared customer service will be happy to offer help and advice to our customers.”

Myriam van Alphen-Schrade Senior Manager, PR & Communication

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