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Your event requires three things: attention, attention and attention

You have news about your event? Reach prospects of your event directly on their XING home page. With the new event updates, you can address visitors of your event page again – directly on the XING home page.

Payment processing

Customise payment options

You can now edit your payment options yourself and keep an overview over the whole process. In the “Advanced settings”, you can activate and edit payment methods as required. Learn more

Online registration
Event promotion

Advanced copy function saves time when creating events

Copying previous events and thus saving time when creating future events is now even easier. You can create a copy that already contains all the necessary information of the original, such as title, venue, date, logo, banner, and so on. The ticket shop is also directly duplicated during the copy process and contains the event-specific information. In draft mode, the copied event includes “Copy from” in its title which you can of course edit before publishing the event if required.

Event data intelligence

Virtual success manager “Clara” provides advice and support to organisers

After creating an event, there are sometimes phases in which the whole process progresses rather sluggishly. Information is missing, details are still unclear, and ticket sales are delayed. “Clara” supports you with many helpful and customised tips at all times.

Payment processing

Set up your own payment methods in the ticket shop

In order to make the ticket sales process even more flexible and to offer our organisers the greatest possible choice, from October on, it will be possible to add your own payment methods to the TicketingManager. These include crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ether, check payments, and any other payment method imaginable, which you can now individually link to your own payment page. You can also have the monthly balance paid out to your own account from now on.

Event promotion

Extended selection options with keyword targeting

Thanks to keyword targeting, you can now also make your selection based on keywords. This feature is available for all XING ads. You can combine keyword targeting with all other selection criteria. This allows you to tailor your target group even more precisely to your event, even if you serve specific niches. User targeting is based on job titles and skills.

Event promotion

Edit business events in draft mode

We have great news for organisers: From now on, we offer you the possibility to either publish your event immediately or save it as a draft. This new feature applies to both basic events and Event Plus.

Event promotion

Double opt-in for newsletters

In order to send event attendees newsletters and other news via e-mail, you naturally need the consent of the attendees, and twice at that. The way we ensure that the attendee has really subscribed to the newsletter is by asking him/her to agree to receive the newsletter and then asking him to confirm once again via e-mail. We have now integrated this so-called “double opt-in” into the TicketingManager.

Entry management

Quick registration on site

What was already possible in the app version of EasyEntry is now also available for the browser version: With quick registration, attendees can buy a ticket on site and use a shortened version of the registration form which is activated specifically for on-site ticket sales.

Online registration

Upload your own privacy policy

When you create a ticket shop as an organiser, you can now not only upload your own terms and conditions, but also your own privacy policy. You will find this option in the lower area under “Set up ticket sales > Request attendee data”.

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