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General information

Create your hybrid event with just one click

Via the EventManager, you are now able to not only create an offline or online event, but to combine the two formats into a hybrid event. If you choose this option, various ticket categories for on-site, online, or hybrid attendance are automatically generated. Depending on their selection, attendees either receive an entry ticket or credentials to sign in to the online tool.

Online registration

Connect the EventManager with various online tools

When setting up the event, all you need to do now is to enter a link to your online event. Your attendees will then receive an automatic notification. The EventManager recognises the respective platform/tool and customises the emails accordingly. If you use GoToWebinar, your guest list is permanently synchronised as well.

General information

General Terms and Conditions updated

Our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) have changed as of 7 July 2020. You don’t need to take any action here.

What’s changed?

We have a new payment provider, Concardis, and have updated section B. 4.7 of our GTC to reflect this. People can continue to pay by credit card when buying tickets to your events, and you don’t need to take any action. You can view our General Terms and Conditions here at any time.

General information

Online events with GoToWebinar

A new integration with the live video software GoToWebinar helps organisers switch their offline events online in a few steps.

By connecting your event in the XING EventManager with a GoToWebinar account and pressing the activate online event button, the online event is created automatically and people who already bought a ticket or registered to your event are informed that your event takes place virtually. The tickets in PDF format in your e-mails are replaced by a registration link to access the live video stream of your online event on GoToWebinar.

General information

New: Dark mode

You can now use the EventManager in dark mode. Depending on your system's settings it will go dark automatically. But you can also switch the toggle in the dropdown menu next to your e-mail address in the header bar.

Payment processing

Your data is safe with us!

We've been using 3D Secure 2.1 for a while now, even though it's not mandatory until September. Built around two-factor authentication, this means your credit card transactions enjoy even more security as it ensures that ticket buyers are the lawful card holders. This reduces the risk of fraud significantly, and makes chargebacks from card misuse a thing of the past.

3D Secure 2.1 is also extremely user-friendly, making it a breeze to buy tickets.

General information

Improved connection between your XING EventManager and your event page on XING

Previously, you had to jump back and forth between the business platform XING and your XING EventManager on to set up your attendee registration and promote your event to your network. Now, we improved the connection between the platforms.

You can do everything in your XING EventManager on
•   create your ticket shop or attendee registration
•   add ticket categories
•   edit your event page on XING
•   upload event logo and banner to your event page on XING
•   define your target group on XING
•   and more

If you’re using our API, you can also use it to update and edit your event page on XING, now. Your XING EventManager on is now your “one-stop-shop”. Manage all your events here, with or without ticketing or registration – no need to switch platforms anymore.

General information

Your XING EventManager now adapts to all screens

You can set up, edit and monitor your events on a tablet, your phone or other mobile devices and enjoy a much better experience. The interface will adapt to your screens in optimum resolution. This will grant you a better overview, i.e. you’ll see more of the content in your tables and need less scrolling.

There’s also a new design waiting to be discovered. Have a look on!

General information

XING TicketingManager turns into XING EventManager

With the improved connection between the XING business platform and the XING TicketingManager, the XING TicketingManager will be renamed. From now on, you can set up, edit and manage events, here. Therefore, it will become your central location for all your events and your “XING EventManager”.

General information

Changes to the XING GTC

In order to maintain transparency, comprehensibility, and legibility for our users, we have made a few technical or procedural clarifications and updates to our General Terms and Conditions. The rights of users and the scope of services are of course not impaired by this.

We have made the following changes:
“Hallo Freelancer” joins the XING applications.
A note has been added regarding the test booking of a minimum amount to verify the credit card.
The joint and several liability of XING SE and XING S.á r.l. for scenarios in which users pay their premium membership with a Mastercard or a Visa credit card has been terminated. XING S.á r.l. has been definitely dissolved and liquidated.
Clarifications and purely procedural adjustments regarding XING Events have been made (billing via credit card or instant bank transfer will be handled by a new service provider, ticket purchasers do not necessarily have to be attendees of the event, etc.).

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