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Entry management

Print badges with Zebra Bluetooth printers

With the new EasyEntry version for iOS, you can now print badges via Bluetooth. All you need is a Zebra Bluetooth printer.


Add attendees via API calls

It is now possible to add a new attendee to an event with a single API call. This change is particularly interesting for organisers who also sell tickets in other systems. It allows you to set up an automated process to add these attendees from other systems to the TicketingManager. Moreover, external service providers can also use this API call. You can find the API documentation in our Developer Zone.

Online registration

More functions for events including a ticket shop

Integrating a ticket shop into a XING event page now works somewhat differently: From now on, you will no longer create and edit the ticket shop on XING, but directly in the XING TicketingManager. It then automatically displays on the XING event page. This applies to all future as well as previous events on XING. Advantages include additional functions such as a pre-registration list, a draft mode for the ticket shop, and the possibility to integrate the ticket shop as iFrame into your own website.

Event promotion

Hide the XING Events event home page

All organisers who really don't want to use our ingenious event home page, now have another new option: You can not only hide the event home page from search engines, but make it completely invisible. You will find this option under “Edit event > Sales channels > Event home page”. Of course, you can still view the event home page in the TicketingManager and make it visible again if necessary.

Entry management

New menu item “Hardware”

Under “Manage entry”, instead of the old menu item “Barcode scanner”, we have introduced the new item “Hardware”. It provides you with an overview of all devices that we rent out through our partner Choose2rent for the entry process with EasyEntry. We have arranged this overview in three tabs according to devices for check-in, printing, and on-site ticket sales. You can find out which scanners, printers, and card readers you can use with EasyEntry and which of them you can rent from us, and you will receive useful tips on how to use them on site.

Event promotion

Automatic time zone for online events

Online events on XING are now automatically set to CET/CEST (Central European Time / Central European Summer Time). If the event takes place in a different time zone, you will have to adjust the time of the event in CET accordingly.

Event promotion

Share events from the event page

From now on, you can also share an event directly on the event page in the XING Android app. A tap on the familiar “Share” icon allows you to share the event with your contacts on XING, via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Entry management

Cash payment on site

In the browser version of EasyEntry, our entry management software, cash payments are now also possible as an option for on-site ticket sales. If you want to use this option on site, you will need to connect a cash register system.

Event promotion

Address verification when publishing an event

From now on, if you publish an event on XING and do not enter the address of the venue correctly (e.g. Hamburg in Bavaria), an error message will appear. This prevents attendees from being confused by incorrectly entered addresses.

General information

Automatic remember functionality for events of the same organiser

The system now automatically remembers events for which you are the main organiser and which appear under “Your events”. This is especially useful in the XING app which does not have the tab “For organisers”.

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