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Address verification when publishing an event

From now on, if you publish an event on XING and do not enter the address of the venue correctly (e.g. Hamburg in Bavaria), an error message will appear. This prevents attendees from being confused by incorrectly entered addresses.

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Automatic remember functionality for events of the same organiser

The system now automatically remembers events for which you are the main organiser and which appear under “Your events”. This is especially useful in the XING app which does not have the tab “For organisers”.

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Subordinate data fields using drag and drop

Under “Request attendee data”, you can now simply drag and drop a data field onto the desired parent data field. If you need to make further adjustments (e.g. if the field is dependent upon a drop-down menu), a lightbox opens in which you can adjust the rest.

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Country-dependent data fields

In the “Request attendee data” menu, you can now make data that are queried per order (“Order data”) dependent on the country (or billing address) of the ticket buyer. Simply edit the corresponding data field and select “Address” as the reference field. Also works with free events.

Event promotion

The new proximity search for event advertisements

As usual, you can run an event ad on XING. You can use various criteria to define the target group and thus ensure that the ad reaches the right XING members. We have now once again significantly expanded these criteria: With our proximity search, you can now also narrow down XING users very precisely to a specific locality.

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The XING Events app retires

The XING Events app is retiring after many years of loyal service. But that's no reason to be sad: Now you can find the Event Market with all its functions in the general XING app under the menu item “Events”.

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Data protection enters the next round

For XING and XING Events, data protection is always a top priority. We always process and store user and customer data in accordance with current legislation. It therefore goes without saying that we will implement all legal requirements of the GDPR on time by May 2018. This means that you can continue to use our products and services with confidence. In addition, we will provide you with even better opportunities for information and control in the future – even beyond the legal requirements.

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Payment processing

Upload images and logos for tickets and invoices yourself free of charge

From now on, you can upload a picture/logo of your tickets, ticket mails, and ticket invoices independently and free of charge, and insert your own images and logos on two levels. The “design package”, which used to be subject to a charge, is no longer applicable.

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The new login via XING

It's finally here: the login to TicketingManager via XING! You can now log in with your XING credentials. And you can create new accounts directly with your XING credentials. This makes account management easier for all users who have a XING account and also promote their event on XING.

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Managing organisers is now very easy

On the right side of the event page under “Organiser options” on XING, you will find the new menu item “Managing event organisers”. This item is visible for every (co-)organiser. One click opens a completely new page with an overview of all (co-)organisers of the event: first the main organiser, then the co-organisers (sorted by the time they were added). On this page, you can delete or add co-organisers or take over the event from the main organiser.

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