Features for entry management The module for customised entry management at your event.

All-round entry management on site

Managing the entry process, what's the big deal? A lot, really! With our entry management, you not only regulate the entry process and entrances, but also sell your last tickets on site. You certainly have nothing against a flawless process? Neither do we, because with EasyEntry you can print badges, tickets, or invoices on site.

Have attendee data available at all times

EasyEntry gives you constant access to all important attendee data. This allows you to check in your attendees quickly and easily using a scanner or an attendee list. It has to be faster? Also no problem! Via the attendee search, you can find your guests and even edit the attendee data.

Real-time statistics

With our entry solution, you have an overview of all visitor numbers. And in real time, too. Who checked in when and where? How often do visitors frequent the individual entry points? You can retrieve the information collected at the entrance at any time in EasyEntry.

Additional features for a smooth entry process

Admission personnel

Add multiple users, such as hostesses, as needed, or simply take care of the entry process yourself

Login with QR code

Set up QR code logins for logging in without e-mail and password

Guest list

Easily export all attendee data for entry management

Info storage

Use RFID chips and wristbands to store information such as access permissions

Entry terminals

Control the entry process via turnstiles, and/or screen or RFID gates


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