More potential through data intelligence Determine formulas for success from millions of events at the touch of a button and use them to set up your event in the most ideal way.

Get your business event on the course for success – with our intelligent data processing methods, you can unleash the full potential of XING’s treasure chest of data and achieve sold-out events.

Use attendee data sensibly

With our flexible data exports, you always have your attendee data on hand. This data helps you to identify how to optimise your event management. Informative statistics give you answers to questions like: “When and where did prospects buy tickets?” Or: “On which channel did we sell the most tickets?” You use your attendee data in real time. This enables you to adapt your event to the needs of your attendees before, during, and even after the event.

Learning from the success stories of others

Over the last few years, organisers have successfully organised millions of events and profitably sold tickets by using our platform. We have analysed and anonymised all event and attendee data and used it as a basis for an event benchmark. Which attendees went to which events? Only from us can you obtain these and other findings of our analysis.

Learning from the success stories of others

AI and machine learning make it possible

Do you think efficient use of data is impossible? We don’t. Artificial intelligence methods, e.g. machine learning, generate formulas for success from numerous event and attendee data. The intelligent platform recognises patterns and regularities in successful events and, based on these patterns and regularities, derives recommendations for you. And you use these valuable comparative values for setting up your event in the most ideal way.

AI and machine learning for events

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