Your advantages Our Event Data Intelligence will convince you too.

Our treasure chest of data is also your treasure chest

Tedious searching for attendees is now a thing of the past. With our platform, you have exclusive access to the largest data pool of events and attendees in German-speaking countries. You do not necessarily have to upload your own attendee data. Because our members are simultaneously your potential attendees. It goes without saying that we analyse all data anonymously and in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

We know your desired attendees

Generating the right attendees is not always easy. But our pool of profile data gives us some information about the interests and requirements of your potential attendees. At the same time, we also learn from previous events. We will be happy to support you in addressing your desired attendees at the right time and for the right event.

Your desired attendees

No one is born a master

Gaining valuable knowledge from one event for the next takes up a lot of your valuable time. So, make it easier for yourself and draw on our many years of experience. Through our comparative values, you learn from the successes of your industry colleagues and can thus adopt best practices for your event. We match your event data with the data of other events and, together with you, bring your event on the road to success.

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Less effort through self-learning campaigns

That may still be a long way off. But soon you will no longer optimise your event campaigns yourself. Because our event promotion system will then access the entire data pool. Campaigns learn with each click and advertising formats are run based on your event goals and budgets.

Less effort through self-learning campaigns

Now it's your turn! Try out our event platform without obligations and use our event and attendee data to turn your event into a success story. Testing is free of charge, of course.


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