Features for Event Data Intelligence The module for intelligent use of your event and attendee data.

Improving event presentation

“Hello, I'm Clara!” – Our virtual success manager welcomes you to our platform. Clara's knowledge is based on our wealth of data and many years of experience. That is how she helps you with the right answers to your questions throughout the entire event cycle. Clara's tips are individualised and displayed at the right time. This helps you to improve your attendee management and make your attendee generation more efficient. Because you can use free data and knowledge from millions of events.

Event benchmarking

Learning from others has never been easier since our platform recognises patterns in particularly successful events. Clara then gives recommendations like “Organisers like you succeeded with...”. This real-time information enables you to adapt your event programme or sequence to the needs of your attendees even before the date. Naturally, you can also use this knowledge for future events.

A look at the future

Still dreams of the future, but soon coming true: Intelligent event promotion campaigns. With effective advertising formats, you will use our tools to address your attendees in a targeted and effective way. They will also help you to generate and to retain attendees. Our platform already learns independently after the first clicks and optimises itself automatically. In this way, it gets the maximum benefit and success for you from each cent you are spending on marketing.

Other ways to use your event and attendee data:

Flexible data export

Export collected data at any time and use it for further processing

Attendee analysis

Find out interesting facts about your attendees and already use them for your next event

Tailor-made event

Adapt your event programme to the needs of your attendees by evaluating data

Event strategy

Make decisions and convince stakeholders based on event and attendee data

Event planning

Learn from successful events and event dates and set venues and dates accordingly

Optimised marketing

Use data for intelligent and efficient advertising and thus sell more tickets


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