Selecting precisely the right target group – with the XING reach

XING is the largest business network in the German-speaking countries. With an event campaign on XING, you not only reach more but also the right attendees. Specify in detail who should and shouldn't see your XING advertising formats. Filter by career level, industry distribution, region, and age group. This enables you to accurately place your event in the highly relevant target groups.

More than 19 million potential attendees

Vektor-Smartobjekt5CHDAXING members
Source: XING data | 09.2020

The most visited German business network

Unique Visitors in

Source: XING data | 09.2020

Suitable target groups and multipliers

Career levelCareer level
Source: XING data | 04.2020
Distribution across industriesDistribution across industries
Source: XING data | 04.2020

The no. 1 market place for business events

Monthly traffic on the XING event market

Source: XING data | 03.2018


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