Your advantages Our range of interfaces / APIs is sure to convince you too.

Comprehensive database

Have you used several systems so far and distributed your data to each system? From now on, you can merge all your data and thus have your customers' comprehensive data at your disposal in just one central location. The great advantage: You use the same data across systems and avoid having different attendee information stored in different places.

Umfassender Datenbestand

Using data in real time

Automatic updates between systems ensure that you always have access to the latest data. Your event data are automatically processed and you can react in real time. Your attendees will also benefit. Because you can, for example, notify them of changes to your event with automated info mails.

Nutzung der Daten in Echtzeit

Early gain of knowledge

You have insight into important attendee data at any time. You create more transparency through comprehensive tracking. And this in turn allows you to see, for example, where your ticket buyers come from, helping you to make more informed decisions regarding your event. So, stay in touch and use this data for your further event communication and for long-term attendee retention.

Frühzeitiger Erkenntnisgewinn

Less work through automated processes

With the help of the various interfaces / APIs, you can automate internal processes after each ticket purchase. You can also automatically send further information or access data to your attendees. You will find everything in one central place. If there are changes to your event, all systems are updated – no matter whether it is on your XING event page, your own website, or in your internal systems.

Weniger Arbeit

Now it's your turn! Define your use cases and go through our detailed interface documentation together with your developer. Do you need support? We will be happy to advise you.

Numerous extensions via our partner network

We give you many options to make your life as an organiser easier. Find out now about the technical interfaces and services that will make your event even more successful.


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