Possibilities provided by our interfaces / APIs The module for taking your data to the right place.

Transfer data to the CRM system

Do you want to synchronise all data with your databases? It's very easy with us. Because we have several possibilities for you to transfer your event and attendee data into your CRM system. Simply use the interface that best fits your CRM system and connects to our platform.

Pre-populated attendee data

If you already have some information about your attendees, you can save them the trouble of completing the registration form themselves. The XING Events API fills out the forms for them in advance. This way, you can offer your attendees a more pleasant purchase process and also reduce the cancellation rate.

Automate processes

Webhooks lets you automate the processes you want to carry out after each ticket purchase, so you will no longer edit registrations manually. Instead, you will automatically receive a message. The information will be sent to the responsible department. Alternatively, your internal dashboard will be updated. In addition, your attendees will be provided with all important information by e-mail. And that's just a little preview. There really are almost no limits to your imagination here.

Other advantages provided by our interfaces / APIs

Automatic event creation

Automatically create events via API and synchronise systems without duplicate entries

Creation of tickets

Import attendee data into our system for sales realised via other channels at the push of a button


Track traffic to your event page or ticket shop and better understand ticket buyers

Task management

Automatically create to-do lists when you activate an event

Functionality extension

Set up additional ticket shop functions like seat selection or notifications

Social media posts

Spread news on a specific event via social media channels

Numerous extensions via our partner network

We give you many options to make your life as an organiser easier. Find out now about the technical interfaces and services that will make your event even more successful.


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