Online events and how to easily implement them From registration to attendee generation and consulting

Online events, virtual conferences and trade fairs, hybrid events – it is hard to keep an overview of the dense jungle of options! Are you wondering which providers to choose to easily set up a successful digital event? Read on and we will show you.

Three modules for a successful online event Focus on your event while we take care of the rest!

Would you like to set up an easy registration solution that you can connect to your video conference tool? Are you looking for a specific – and preferably large – group of attendees? Would you like to outsource some of the effort required for organising online events or are you looking for the right partners? Click through our product modules:

Online events – here to stay 6 benefits, from effort required to saving time

Online events are the way to go for the future – a fact that is also confirmed by the figures in the recent Meeting & Event Barometer. While only 27% of providers considered hybrid and distributed events as shaping the future of the event market in the beginning of March, this number quickly changed to 60% after 9th March. Similarly, opinions shifted when it comes to virtual events: Before COVID-19, 47% thought that these types of events have great potential, whereas now this number is at 75%. The reason for this shift in opinion are the various advantages of virtual events:

Save material, costs, and time

Virtual events eliminate the need for consumables, catering, event equipment, costs for the venue and exhibition stands. You will also save some time spent on organising, while everyone involved will save a lot of travel time.

Generate more reach and attendees

Virtual events are real magnets for leads. After all, the focus is on the topic and since the event is recorded, it stays relevant. Your attendees are not tied to a specific location and/or time.

Benefit from additional revenue

Are your event’s contents a must-hear for your attendees? Consider offering them for a fee – either live or as a recording.

Precisely measure your success

How many visitors attended a specific presentation? Which stands did attendees visit, and how often and for how long? By setting up a virtual event, you will receive answers to these (and many more) questions.

Position yourself as a sustainable event organiser

By digitising your events, you reduce or eliminate the need for many resources required for running the event as well as for arriving and leaving the event location, and are thus contributing to a more sustainable meeting industry.

Virtual events go beyond spatial boundaries

Digital business events are an open door to the world – and are attracting international attendees. You are thus able to target new customer groups and bring more people together.

Start now to take advantage of all of these benefits!

Whether you are organising a completely virtual event or a hybrid one, online events help you to target your attendees exactly where they are – and that is the future!

Our customers and partners agree: Online events are the way to go Join them and digitise your event with our help!

More than 12 million tickets sold for more than 1.6 million business events. More than 237,000 organisers have already said: Thank you, XING Events! In the course of the past months, a majority of these organisers digitised their existing offline events or created new online events. And their experiences show: That was the right decision!

Sabrina Cornelius Marketing Stuttgart | XING Community

"Virtual events require more effort than you think but they are worth it."

Dominik Maximini Co-organiser & speaker, ScrumTisch

"Digitisation begins in the mind! Once the switch is flipped, almost any event can be run online."


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