Get the most out of your marketing budgets – with advertisements that are targeted specifically at your desired attendees and by re-targeting prospects

When targeting communication specifically at your desired attendees, you can send up to five reminders regarding the event to potential attendees. With XING Events, you can do this in a customised manner. This way, you avoid being associated with boring re-targeting campaigns that are usually displayed for two weeks after users visit a website.

With an Event Plus page and three simple steps, you can create five contact points with your target group

By setting up an Event Plus page in the XING Event Market, you are laying the foundation for a successful event. As this page is your event’s showcase, you can customise it with images, texts, and links. After that, you need to create about five contact points to help a potential attendee decide whether they want to attend your event. Our event promotion solution helps you to do this in three steps:

Step 1: Use targeted ads to attract XING visitors to your event page

We help you to reach about 19 million XING users – a good reason to run event ads in the XING AdManager, don’t you think? Filter by region, company, job title, or industry, and precisely define who should see your advertisements. This will help you to attract the right visitors to your event page and to collect valuable leads.

Step 2: Re-target potential attendees using event updates on their XING home page

Now you will see who visited your event page – including detailed information like the visitor’s name, occupation, career level, and company. Have your visitors return to your event page by posting targeted event updates on their XING home page. You can display three updates per event, thus creating three further contact points.

Step 3: Win over attendees by sending personalised invitations

Finally, you can create the fifth contact point by sending personalised invitations to your event page visitors. You are free to compose your message according to your wishes. Your potential attendees will then receive it via email. In this step, you can convince them to attend your event by offering discount codes, for example.

Seize your opportunity!

Find the right attendees for your online event today by increasing your reach, displaying ads that are targeted specifically at the desired attendees, viewing your event page visitors’ profile information, and creating re-targeting effects.

Relevant ads help you to attract more visitors to your event page

You have organised your online event, designed your Event Plus page on XING, and your ticket shop is open – so, “all that’s left” is generating the right attendees? With targeted ads on XING, which are the first contact point with potential event attendees, you are able to address your desired target group. You have the choice: Either publish your ads in the XING AdManager yourself or request that we help you. We are happy to put together a customised promotion package for you!

Where do we display your ad?

We will display your event ads prominently on XING – including on the desktop or mobile home page. You can raise your target group’s interest with a combination of images and texts that should be meaningful and informative. Our tip for you: Make sure to use a precise “call to action” in the text line.

Who will see your ad?

Only your target group – which you define. You can choose between these selection criteria: country and region or an area around the event venue, age, gender, career level, industry, discipline, and company size. Our tip for you: Define your target market as precisely as possible so that you reach XING users that are interested in your message.

What costs can you expect?

Choose one of two bidding systems: pay per click or per 1,000 impressions – we will display your ad at the best price. You can sit back and be assured that you get the most bang for your buck. Plus, you define your budget yourself. Once it is used up, your ads will no longer be displayed. Our tip for you: Choose to pay per click! With this option, you only have to pay if a XING user clicks on your event ad.

More visitors, increased reach, greater success!

Start your event page now and publish ads for your online event. Targeted ads help you to address the target group of your choice!

Our event analysis – always keep an overview of your online event’s performance

Putting all efforts into marketing and ads, but having no system for analysing your success in place? That does not make much sense, does it? With our intelligent event analysis, which is part of the Event Plus page, you always have an overview of your current event’s performance compared to your previous or similar events. Readjust your marketing activities – and ensure an even more data-driven event promotion and attendee generation strategy. You will receive valuable insights on three levels:

Similar events as your benchmark

In a comparison with similar events of competitors in the XING Event Market, you are able to see how successful your event page is – and optionally even set a 20km radius as a filter. Use formulas for success of millions of other events to set up your own event in the best possible way.

Your event’s performance compared to your previous events

Select up to three of your own events to compare to your current event. Take a look at how your visitor numbers have evolved in comparison to your other events. This way, you can ensure that you meet or even surpass your targets.

Success of your re-targeting activities

Check if your re-targeting and marketing activities are successful and if you were able to attract visitors to revisit your event page. Why is that important, you wonder? Because you often need five to seven contact points to convince potential attendees to attend your event.

Analyse your marketing activities

You can also check whether you have addressed your target group with the right message at the right time. This will help you to further streamline how you use your marketing budget in the future or to adjust when ads and re-targeting campaigns should be displayed.

The top 3 benefits offered by our promotion packages

Reach your desired target group

Ads on XING help you to reach about 19 million users – who you can precisely filter by criteria that your preferred event attendee and potential customer has to meet. Your ad will be prominently displayed on the website and within the XING apps, including in the news on the home page – exactly where your target group spends the most time.

Get the most out of your ads

Have you ever run event ads that were displayed once and then directly disappeared, never to be seen again? Then we have good news: This will not happen with our Event Plus page! As the base for all your advertising activities, it presents you with a detailed view of visitors who are interested in your contents and who are thus perfect for your re-targeting activities.

Always have an overview of your performance

There is always room for improvement! By providing you with detailed analyses and statistics, we make sure that you have to right tools to continually improve your campaigns’ performance.


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