Registration and payment handling – quickly and easily connected to your online event

Be it registrations for online networking opportunities or virtual fairs, a variety of ticket categories or discount codes  with our online registration and payment handling solution, all of this becomes a breeze. We will automatically send out tickets and dial-in information for you.

Set up your online or hybrid event with just a few clicks

Would you like to digitise a new event or one that you have already planned offline? Or are you aiming for a hybrid event? With just a few clicks in the XING EventManager, you can connect your event to an online event tool of your choice!

When setting up the event in the XING EventManager, choose right at the start if your event is an online, offline, or hybrid event. Using a link integration, you can easily connect tools like GoToWebinar, Zoom, YouTube Live, Twitch, or Crowd Stream. We take care of confirming registrations, sending out tickets and dial-in information, and handling payments – and for hybrid events, we will of course customise the respective steps for offline and online registrations. This not only makes the event organisation process and monetisation easier for you, the transition to a single registration form also ensures that your attendees benefit from a hassle-free registration.

Dive in into the virtual world!

Simply connect the tool of your choice with our online registration solution! More than 600 organisers have successfully transitioned to online events with the help of our integrations – join them today!

Customisations and comprehensive payment handling services included

You can flexibly customise the design of both your ticket shop and registration form. You will also benefit from an extra edge as your event page is closely interconnected with both your ticket shop and registration form. Prospects who want to receive information about your event no longer have to leave your site to register or to buy tickets. Are your attendees using multiple channels? That is also no problem! Simply create your registration form or ticket shop in our platform and then integrate it directly into the XING events page, your website and app.

From obtaining attendee data to selling tickets

Several ticket categories or voucher codes! Obtaining specific attendee information for lead generation! Double opt-in for newsletter subscriptions! Waiting lists! Multiple languages and currencies! These are just a few of the options offered by the features of our online registration solution.

Event registration
Event registration

For maximum comfort regarding all aspects of your payment handling processes

Handling of payments, cancellations, return remittances? We take care of managing these processes for you as well! You choose how your attendees should pay and what the final date for cancellations should be and we pay out all ticket revenue at the beginning of each month.

Cancellations and return remittances
Cancellations and return remittances

Simple, transparent & inexpensive – our ticketing rates

If your attendees do not have to pay any fees for your event, you can use our online registration solution for free as well. If you are offering paid events, you can benefit from our ticketing system at a fair price. Get your customised ticketing rate – and find out now what to expect concerning costs and revenue!

The top 3 benefits offered by our online registration solution

Save time and money

Save yourself the hassle and costs of creating manual links and dealing with interface providers, and benefit from comfortable link integrations, automatic mailing of confirmations and dial-in information, and smooth ticket sales.

Increase your conversion rate

You will get everything from a single source – from promotion to attendee communications, registration, and handling of payments. This will increase your conversion rate as you will lose fewer potential attendees. How? Well, you are saving them the hassle of having to register on platform B after seeing your ad on platform A, for example.

Work on one platform

Integrate your registration form and ticket shop into your preferred channels, and we will take care of collecting the results: You can see all registrations and ticket purchases in your login area. This way, you will keep your leads in spite of no-shows. You will also get an overview of statistics on visitor numbers and the rate of successful transactions.


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