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Save time, money, and stress

Ticket sales without any hassle. We take care of all payment processing and communication with your attendees – from payments to cancellations to reminders.
All-round carefree package for your ticketing needs
Secure payment processing
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All-round carefree, all-round service? Yes, with XING Events

We take care of ticket sales

Organise your ticketing with the XING EventManager – we handle all payment processing according to your needs. Payments, cancellations, return remittances, reminders: We take care of everything.

Support for everyone, including your attendees

Our straightforward, secure payment processing service ensures that all your financials are in order. And our customer service and support teams help to make your attendees happy – by answering all questions concerning ticket purchase and payments for you.

We take care of everything – tax-compliant and flexible

Our payment processing service is guaranteed to be tax-compliant, whether you are organising a private or a commercial event. And you decide on details such as invoice data and address.

These are our prices for your all-round carefree package

With our transparent and fair pricing strategy, you know exactly how much our ticketing solutions will cost you.

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Customised quote

Use our customised rate solutions for events of this size. At particularly attractive conditions, of course.

Free of charge

There is also no charge for using the platform for free events.

Together we will make
your events a success!


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