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ADN Distribution GmbH


Industry: Technology
Event type: Webinars, online & on-site events
Collaboration since: 2016

ADN Distribution GmbH
Josef-Haumann-Str. 10
44866 Bochum
  • Reach a specific target group
  • Generate new customers
  • Generate more registrations
  • Keep CPC as low as possible
  • Promote events easily and effectively
Products used:
  • XING EventManager (Event Plus)
  • Online registration (social Selling with Invitation functionality)
  • Increased no. of tickets sold for ADN events
  • Boosted awareness for events
  • Valuable lead generation

Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH (ADN) specialises in the authorised distribution of consulting-intensive cloud services, technologies, and solutions. The value-added reseller’s more than 6,000 customers include global system houses and systems integrators as well as cloud and managed service providers, software houses, and value-added resellers.

To offer customers and potential new customers a comprehensive insight into their products, ADN organises webinars as well as online and on-site events. These events are focused on consulting, opportunities for further training, and generating new customers.

Initial position

ADN’s goal was to reach both partners and new customers. They were looking for a way to promote their events and generate more attendees. One particular challenge for ADN was addressing the specific target group of IT professionals. They needed comprehensive and precise targeting options to address this group without wasting advertising resources and to boost their awareness of ADN’s events in a targeted way. Among the most important requirements for ADN were a clear representation of the available advertising and social selling options and easy-to-use tools.

XING Events is a prime example for how to do things right when it comes to social selling. You will not find this type of social selling on any other platform than XING. The possibility to contact and invite individuals directly offers a huge potential. We were very happy with the results that we have achieved.

Stefan Sutor, Social Media Marketing & Channel Marketing Manager, ADN


Promotion on XING

To promote their events, ADN used the XING EventManager.

XING EventManager

Targeted ads

The AdManager enabled ADN to plan and control individual marketing activities in a targeted manner. Despite the very specific target group of tech-savvy individuals, with 16 million members, XING offered a plethora of potential event attendees. Selection criteria like age, location, career level, and industry helped to specify the target group for the individual event ads as desired. The Job Titles and Skills functionality in particular helped ADN to include their desired ad recipients directly into the target group via keywords like ‘Microsoft Azure’. Using this functionality, they were able to reduce the waste of advertising resources. The ads on XING were displayed randomly on the user’s news feed, the sidebar on XING, or as news in the XING App to ensure the highest possible exposure.

Customisation & optimisation options

ADN was able to customise everything from payment options to daily and maximum budget as well as duration in the AdManager. Furthermore, as the CPC (cost per click) was exactly indicated and the budget that they have already spent was shown in an overview, ADN could measure their achieved success over the course of the campaign. This way, they were able to adjust and optimise their campaigns according to their particular needs – whether regarding their maximum bid or their duration.

By testing similar campaigns, ADN was able to quickly see which campaigns already worked well and which ones needed optimisation. This way, they gained valuable insights: If an ADN event takes place in several cities, it proved to save up to 50 percent of the CPC (cost per click) for promoting on XING if, instead of having one main event, the event was split into several single events.

Event Plus

Via Event Plus, ADN Distribution GmbH was able to view who visited their website as well as when and how often they visited. ADN then received up-to-date statistics showing the visibility of their event and the activities on their event page.

Invitation functionality

XING offers the possibility to invite attendees of past events, event page visitors, and the user’s own contacts to an event. Event Plus is required for this functionality, and ADN made full use of it for their events. By sending personalised messages to event page visitors and past attendees, they were able to generate a great number of attendees for their events. The opportunity to re-target event page visitors was particularly significant for ADN. Reminders that an acceptance on the event page is not regarded as a registration for the event led to additional event registrations for ADN.

Sending messages to attendees

Organisers can send a maximum of five messages to XING users who accepted an event or responded with Maybe. Among the possible message types are reminders, upcoming event highlights, or recommendations. Especially for events lasting several days, ADN was able to increase engagement among attendees by sending them these types of messages.

Nurturing event attendees

Using personalised messages, ADN furthermore was able to target event visitors and guests for their nurturing activities as event page visitors were displayed to the admin of the company profile and the event’s co-organisers even after the event. There is a reason why event page visitors viewed the event page, and more often than not that reason is a general interest in the event. With 1:1 messages on XING, ADN was able to generate additional new leads.


By teaming up with XING Events, Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH was able to increase their ticket sales. As a consequence of this cooperation, they also successfully generated new customers. Promoting their events with XING Events is now an intrinsic part of ADN’s marketing mix.

Stefan Sutor Social Media Marketing & Channel Marketing Manager

XING Events is a prime example for how to do things right when it comes to social selling. You will not find this type of social selling on any other platform than XING. The possibility to contact and invite individuals directly offers a huge potential. We were very happy with the results that we have achieved.

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