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Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft GmbH

Carsten Brede


Industry: training
Event: seminar
Partner since: 2015

Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft GmbH
Seepromenade 19 
D-88662 0berlingen
New marketing channel for new contacts (business professionals)
Ticket shop integration within the marketing section
Data synchronisation via API interface
Free white paper download during ticket purchase
Products used:
  • Event Marketing (Event Plus, Targeted ads)
  • Online registration
  • Interfaces 
  • Successful ticket shop integration and data synchronisation
  • Increased awareness of the brand and the range of seminars
  • Acquisition of 5,400 new contacts

In 2016, the Academy of Business Managers (Akademie fuer Fuehrungskrafte der Wirtschaft GmbH) will celebrate 60 years of existence. Around 10,000 managers, entrepreneurs and professionals participate annually in its training and professional development events, in which 180 trainers, consultants and coaches lead activities on topics such as leadership, management, personal development and relevant technical issues - both in Germany and internationally.

Initial situation

Each year, the Academy provides 400 seminars and qualification programmes for companies across all industries. It was looking for a marketing channel that would highlight the high quality of its seminars and communicate this to a relevant target audience of business professionals. In order to ensure a smooth booking process for customers, the ticketing system needed to be displayed within the marketing section. In addition, the integrated ticket shop had to be both easy to use and adaptable to individual requirements.

We're very satisfied with the effectiveness of XING Events marketing activites and our brand has been greatly strengthened by the large increase in reach. XING Even Market enables us to dadopt the perfect approach to relevant target groups.

Christian Leitz - Head of Marketing, IT & Logistics, Akademie für Führungskraäfte der Wirtschaft GmbH


XING Event Market provides the Academy with an optimal marketing section for initial acquisition of business professionals. The various marketing tools allow organisers to reach a large number of new contacts who can later be acquired directly. In combination with XING TicketingManager, a simple ticket shop can be integrated into the event's website.

Marketing on XING

Event Plus

The Academy uses Event Plus to integrate the ticket shop into the XING event page. Event Plus represents a significant increase in reach by recommending the seminar on the pages of similar events. At the same time, organisers can see from the statistics who has clicked on the seminar and showed potential interest. These leads are further processed by the Academy with the help of direct acquisition.

Targeted ads on XING

The organisers additionally promote the seminars using targeted event ads on the XING network. Various selection criteria such as age, career level and industry enable the marketing activities to be directed at specific target groups of businesspeople and professionals.

Viral marketing

As soon as a member confirms their attendance on the XING event page, this information is shared with the attendee's personal network, increasing the event's visibility. Furthermore, using profile information such as shared contacts or groups as well as the people2meet feature, XING members can see who else from their industry is attending prior to the event, enabling them to evaluate valuable networking opportunities.

XING EventManager

XING EventManager enables the ticket shop to be integrated directly into the respective XING event page. XING members can thus easily register for the seminar via the portal. For the registration system, a connection to the existing XING Events API was created to enable data transfer with the ticket shop on the seminar's own website.

Integration of an individual download function

Certain ticket shops offer users a free e-book as a thank-you for each ticket purchase. XING EvenManager doesn't include a download function as standard, meaning that this particular requirement was created specifically for the customer.

[Translate to EN:] Erfolgsgeschichte Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft
[Translate to EN:] Erfolgsgeschichte Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft
[Translate to EN:] Erfolgsgeschichte Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft


XING Event Market provided the Academy of Business Managers with a new channel for lead generation for their events. As a social networking portal for business contacts, XING is the perfect partner for this established provider of professional development seminars. The diverse marketing instruments in the Event Market enabled both the creation of new business contacts and an enormous increase in reach. In combination with the integrated ticket shop on the Event Plus site, the purchasing process was also made easier for users. Following this success, the Academy of Business Managers plans to continue working closely with XING Events by marketing other seminars on the XING platform in 2016.

Carsten Brede Online Marketing Manager - Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft GmbH

We especially appreciate the energetic service provided by the XING Events project team, who smoothly implemented our individual requirements for the ticket shop.

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