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DLD Media GmbH

Alexandra Schiel


Industry: digital/internet
Event: conference
Partner since: 2008

Customer information:
Hubert Burda Media DLD Media GmbH
Arabellastrasse 23
81925 Munich
  • Reliable ticketing solution
  • Seamless integration of the ticket shop into the company's website
  • Adaptation to customer's processes via API
  • Smooth entry management
Products used:
  • Online registration 
  • Interfaces
  • Entry management (EasyEntry) 
  • Easy registration for international attendees
  • Secure entry
  • Sure-handedness and quick response times by the consulting team
  • Implementation of customised designs

DLD (Digital Life Design) brings together a global network of experts, social leaders, opinion makers and influential people from the fields of innovation, digitisation, science and culture. At its exclusive annual conferences, the network's members discuss current issues and trends and draw inspiration from a range of guest speakers. The 11th DLD Conference in 2015 welcomed over 1,000 international attendees.

Initial situation

Each year, DLD organises several highly exclusive international events for limited numbers of attendees. The tickets for these conferences are sold via referrals or are applied for directly by potential guests. With such an exclusive event concept and an international audience, DLD expects both a state-of-the-art ticketing solution and a secure entry management process. To guarantee things run smoothly before and during the events, fast response times and comprehensive customer support are also essential. The organisers at DLD have been working with XING Events since 2008 and are able to benefit from the diverse features of the event management software.

With XING Events, we particularly value the easy event management and wide range of options. XING Events' ticketing solutions are also of great help due to their flexibility when making changes at short notice.

Alexandra Schiel, Head of Operations - DLD Media GmbH


The requirements for reliable attendee management were fully met by our ticketing software - XING TicketingManager offers straightforward registration and international payment processing. In combination with the EasyEntry entry management tool from XING Events and an on-site consultant, smooth running was ensured both before and during the conference.

Attendee registration

For the registration system, a connection to the existing XING Events API was created, which enabled ticket shop integration and data exchange with the conference's own website. Attendee lists were imported into the system by the XING Events Team to confirm the registration and data of the invited guests. A prerequisite for this operation was a secure recording of the data, which was made possible by XING TicketingManager.

Entry management with EasyEntry from XING Events

The organisers at DLD used the reliable entry management tool, EasyEntry for Desktop. The software enabled rapid entry via multiple terminals and ensured that each ticket could only be redeemed once, which was very important at the exclusive conference. The XING Events project team provided comprehensive support for the organisers not only before but also during the event. The experienced team was always on-hand to provide useful advice and ensured a fast entry process - without long queues.

Success story DLD Conference
Success story DLD Conference
Success story DLD Conference


Each year, XING EventManager provides the organisers at DLD with an efficient ticketing solution and makes the registration process considerably easier for both the organisers and attendees. DLD Media GmbH appreciates the flexibility and fast response times of the XING Events team and benefits from their comprehensive advice throughout the year. The intensive exchange of information between our companies has enabled straightforward ticketing and entry management solutions to be implemented at numerous DLD events. In 2016, XING Events will again act as a partner for DLD by supporting the organisation of events such as DLD16 and DLD NYC.

Alexandra Schiel Head of Operations - DLD Media GmbH

Thanks to EasyEntry, the intuitive entry management software from XING Events, and their expert on-site support, we were able to ensure a smooth entry process for our attendees.

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