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Fifteen Seconds Festival


Industry: Marketing
Type of Event: Conference
Collaboration since: 2019

Fifteen Seconds GmbH
Nikolaiplatz 5
A-8020 Graz
  • Embedding the ticket shop into the Fifteen Seconds Festival website
  • Event page on XING
  • Smooth entry process
  • Complete payment and invoice processing
  • Various price and attendee categories
  • Event ticket in CI design
  • Attendee badge
  • Bar code for checks at the entrance
Products used:
  • XING Events promotion: the latest methods for event promotion
  • XING EventManager
  • Event Plus page
  • Registration form with promotion codes
  • Event ticket in CI design
  • 6,600 tickets sold
  • EUR 33,000 turnover generated by XING channels
  • Nearly 2,600 event page visitors
  • 12,500 advertisements on similar event pages
  • Successful ticket shop integration
  • Fast admission process

The Fifteen Seconds Festival is Europe’s leading festival for business, innovation, and creativity. It unites 6,000 thinkers and doers from business, science, mobility, and technology into a global community.

The Fifteen Seconds Festival is an international platform for the diverging areas of business, innovation, and creativity, aiming at individuals who want to further develop their skills, expand their knowledge, and help to shape the future.

Initial point

For the Fifteen Seconds Festival that took place on 6th and 7th June 2019, XING Events proved to be a good partner for the organisers, supporting their event with promotion, ticketing, and entry management solutions.

The Fifteen Seconds Festival was one of the first organisers to leverage the latest methods for event promotion. As an additional sales channel, XING helped the organisers to generate EUR 33,000. Thanks to targeted ads and other marketing activities, the event’s visibility within the XING network increased to nearly 2,600 event page visitors during the total advertising period of almost two months.

XING Events was a helpful tool for promoting our event and in particular helped us to target and reach potential attendees within the XING network via various channels.

Nino Groß, Director Communications, Fifteen Seconds

Reaching your target in 3 steps

The basis: laying the virtual foundation

By setting up an Event Plus page on XING, the organisers of the Fifteen Seconds Festivals laid the foundation for their event promotion. Using the marketing activities offered by this option, the organisers were able to generate nearly 2,600 event page visitors during the campaign period of almost two months. The event page allowed the organisers of the Fifteen Seconds Festival to not only view single clicks but also contact information of event page visitors. The Fifteen Seconds Festival was displayed as a recommended event on 12,500 similar event pages, making sure that attendees of similar events took notice. As the organisers opted for an Event Plus page, no other events were promoted on their page.

The trick: the latest methods for event promotion

Step 1: How to find your desired attendees

A tailored advertising campaign caught the highest attention among the respective target group. The ads were displayed on the XING home page, in the XING members’ news feed, on the Event Market, and in the recommendations on similar event pages. One month before the event took place, the Event Plus page of the Fifteen Seconds festival was advertised with the call-to-action “Get a ticket now” on a homepage teaser. The homepage teaser was displayed on the XING landing page for two weeks. All Basic members from the previously selected target group visiting the XING landing page during the agreed campaign weeks were able to see it.

Furthermore, for one month, a highlight banner was used to promote the Fifteen Seconds festival on the market place for business events on XING. The highlight banner included a link to the event page on XING and was displayed to all XING members that visited the Event Market during that month. Another marketing activity was to send out a mailing to the previously selected target group (job level and industries) one month prior to the event. The mailing was embedded into the XING design so that recipients perceived it as a recommendation from XING. XING Events then took care of sending out the mailing. The Fifteen Seconds Festival’s organisers could choose between two mailing design templates and received a preview for approval prior to sending the mailing out.

In the mailing, Fifteen Seconds offered XING members a discount. This provided the advantage that the Fifteen Seconds Festival’s organisers were able to reach XING members directly on their own email account.

Step 2: Stay in people's minds

During the advertising period, the organisers were able to generate nearly 10,000 event page visits from 2,600 event page visitors using comprehensive advertising strategies. This indicates a high visitor activity, as visitors accessed the event page up to three times on average. The event page visitors were able to address the Fifteen Seconds Festival’s organisers up to three times. As an event update, they posted information about the programme as well as the agenda of the festival. The event page visitors were able to see the event updates on the landing page as soon as the information was shared.

Step 3: Address your visitors by name

The festival’s organisers have sent more than 500 personalised invitations to the event page visitors to advertise for their festival once again. This not only helped them to win over their attendees but also to promote their content and event in a more detailed manner.

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