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Christian Haberl


Industry: marketing
Event type: webinars, seminars
Partner since: 2016

HUMANBRAND Media Ges.m.b.H.
Breitenfurter Straße 111-113
1120 Vienna
What was needed:
  • Increased reach among the relevant target group consisting of business professionals
  • Addressing target groups across multiple industries
  • Access to analyses and statistics of previous events
Products Used:
  • Online registration 
    Event Marketing (Event Plus, Targeted ads)
  • Significant increase in registrations on XING
  • Sign-up rate up to 3x higher than expected
  • Higher visibility among the relevant target group
  • Cost per lead significantly lower compared to other platforms

HUMANBRAND is an Austrian social media marketing agency that provides services to several companies from the IT sector, including Microsoft Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. HUMANBRAND’s expertise is social media marketing  with a focus on B2B lead generation in particular. The agency organises more than 300 events per year for their customers. CEO Christian Haberl can also be booked as a speaker for trainings, workshops, and lectures – a role he has been assuming for more than 20 years.

Starting Point

Addressing Relevant Target Groups

In addition to exclusive webinars, HUMANBRAND also markets seminars, trade fairs, virtual conferences, round tables, and business fora. The agency was looking for a marketing channel that enabled them to address the relevant target group consisting of business professionals and decision-makers across multiple industries, thus increasing the events’ visibility.

As part of their marketing campaigns run on XING, the agency wanted to reach out to new attendees for various event series to generate leads for their customers. At the same time, HUMANBRAND needed an option that allowed them to  view analyses and statistics of previous events to be able to optimally evaluate their success.

Using the comprehensive targeting options from XING Events, we can generate attendees and leads for our customers quickly and easily time and time again!

Christian Haberl - HUMANBRAND owner & CEO

Our Solution

XING provides the ideal marketing platform for HUMANBRAND and allows the agency to promote various events among the target group. And why XING? With its 16 million members representing potential event attendees, the business  platform is the perfect forum for addressing the target group comprising business professionals and decision-makers. As a central marketing place, the XING Event Market provided the agency with an optimal marketing space for promoting  webinars and seminars. Since the marketing options were tailored to their requirements, HUMANBRAND increased their reach among the relevant target group and generated new attendees.

Event Marketing on XING

Viewing Event Page Visitors via Event Plus

Via the Visitors tab in the Event Plus functionality, the organisers were able to view all XING members who visited their event pages and were interested in their events. Based on contact details such as name and position as well as  number of visits, the organisers could then identify potential attendees to then send them one-time invitations to the event using a personalised message. This additionally allowed the agency to send out more than 1,600 personal invitations for Microsoft’s webinar “Virtual Live Event: Launch Office 365 Germany” and, therefore, to generate more attendees. Via the Event Plus functionality, event pages created by HUMANBRAND furthermore displayed on pages for events with similar topics. This further increased their reach.

Viral Marketing

As soon as a member confirms that he or she will attend the event on the XING event page, the information displays on the personal network of the attendee, thus increasing the event’s visibility in a targeted manner. On the event pages, attendees additionally receive specific suggestions as to who might also be interested in the particular event. With one click, attendees can then individually invite the suggested contacts to the event.


Based on profile information such as shared contacts or groups and via the people2meet functionality, XING members can see who will attend the event and which industry members might be valuable additions to their network – even before the event.

Targeted Ads

Using various targeting criteria like industry, field of work, and career level, the event ads for the Microsoft webinar were run around 500,000 times within the relevant target group on XING. Additionally, they were displayed on the XING member’s home page in the news stream. Thanks to the prominent placement of the ads, HUMANBRAND was able to address the specific Microsoft target group that the event was aimed at as part of the campaign on XING: Business  professionals and decisionmakers from different industries.

Viewing Statistics and Streamlining Event Performance

By accessing up-to-date statistics on the event’s visibility, visitor numbers, and user activities, the agency streamlined its marketing activities.

The Result

HUMANBRAND generated about 230 additional attendees on XING for the webinar “Virtual Live Event: Launch Office 365 Germany”. Although the advertising activities were run only for a short amount of time (19 days), the sign-up rate was twice the expected number. Via the Visitors function, the agency could furthermore view more than 1,770 webinar prospects. This presented an ideal opportunity for HUMANBRAND to follow-up on potential attendees, allowing the agency to invite selected visitors to the event using a personalised message. After the event, the organisers remained able to view and contact prospects individually.

Christian Haberl HUMANBRAND owner & CEO

The XING Events marketing solutions have exceeded our expectations by far. They helped us to double the expected number of generated attendees!

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