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New Work Experience

Matthias Kupfer-Ruf


Sector HR
Event: Conference
Partnership began: 2016

New Work SE
Dammtorstraße 30
20354 Hamburg
New Work Experience
  • Complex participant and pricing structures plus maximum convenience during registration and admissions at a challenging venue
  • Management of entire payment and invoicing processes
  • 15 different price and participant categories
  • Ticket shop integrated into the NWX homepage and the event page on XING
  • Event ticket in corporate design, local public transport ticket as PDF, mobile and wallet ticket formats
  • Participant badge sent with a personalised cover note by post & on-site print option
  • Barcode for admissions check and interface connection to the turnstiles in the Elbphilharmonie
  • Interface connection to the event app with ticket codes and networking features
Products used:
  • Event marketing (Event Plus)
  • Online registration (form with 35 promotion codes, including fan codes; Event ticket in corporate design, local public transport ticket as PDF, mobile and wallet ticket formats)
  • Interfaces (connection to the newsletter software and CRM tool via Zapier Connector)
  • Entry management (including postal badge shipment, scanning and connection to the turnstiles for admission within a single hour)
  • Ticket shop successfully integrated, including data synchronisation
  • Quick admission process
  • Twice as many participants as the previous year

New Work Experience (NWX19) was held in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg for the third time in March 2019. This major event is a New Work SE initiative and constitutes the most powerful platform for exchanging ideas about ‘new work’ in the German-speaking world. One highlight of the event is the presentation of the New Work Awards. The prizes for future-oriented ways of working in the German-speaking world were awarded for the sixth time. The event saw almost 2,000 visitors and around 50 top-level speakers.

XING’s New Work Experience (NWX), whose tagline is ‘Make it work!’, tries to provide answers to the many questions posed by companies and professionals. To this end, XING – the leading network of professionals in the German-speaking world – invited managers and practitioners from business, science and politics to discuss the ways in which their approaches are bringing fresh inspiration to the future of work. Within the space of three years, NWX has become the most important event in the field of new work.

Initial position

This is the third time that XING has turned to its subsidiary, XING Events, to promote NWX. The objective of NWX19 was two-fold: firstly, to use the event to position the ‘new work’ vision that has recently begun to shape the business world and secondly, to double the number of participants from last year and become the definitive industry conference with more than 1200 paying visitors. 

Besides compiling invoices, creating badges, and implementing e-mail campaigns, XING also focused on ensuring that participants enjoyed an easy registration process and smooth admittance into the Elbphilharmonie.

The numerous advertising opportunities offered by XING Events enabled us to reach a great many XING visitors, significantly enhancing our ticket sales.

Matthias Kupfer-Ruf, Principal Brand Marketing, New Work SE


XING EventManager

The XING EventManager simplifies the registration process and ticket sales. The NWX landing page provided extensive information about the event and impressions about past events. Integrating the ticket shop into the NWX landing page enabled visitors to register for NWX without leaving the website.

The registration process remained extremely convenient despite the complicated participant category and pricing structure, which involved 35 different promotion codes and 15 participant and price bands. The different codes were automatically created in the XING EventManager and sent to participants. XING Events took care of the entire payment and invoicing processes, which involved a total of five payment methods and extensive participant support. The ticket shop, the tickets, and the badges were customised to fit the NWX image.

Marketing with XING

Seven weeks before the event, all tickets – of which there were almost 2,000 – had been sold. One reason for this success was XING’s well-coordinated marketing initiatives, which attracted great attention from the relevant target audiences. Ten months before the event, advertisements were displayed to the relevant target audience at various places on XING. NWX was prominently promoted in the XING Event Market by means of the highlight banner. Visitors to the leading German business event marketplace thus perceived the advertisement as a relevant event recommendation. For one week, the teaser on XING’s homepage promoted NWX to the target audience. Relevant members also received personal invitations via e-mail.

Event Plus

The various advertising campaigns on the platform generated a large number of event page visitors on XING. The Event Plus page meant that the organiser, XING, not only saw individual clicks, but also the contact details of event page visitors, as well as the time and frequency of their visits to the page. These visitors were sent personal messages on XING, inviting them to NWX. During the promotion period, XING posted up to three event updates on the homepage feeds of people who had visited the event page. 

Up-to-the-minute statistics during and after the advertising campaigns helped XING continually monitor and adjust the individual actions. External linking to the NWX landing page helped XING to attract event page visitors to that page, meaning that those interested received more extensive information. Thanks to their Event Plus page, the NWX page was also advertised on similar event pages to increase overall reach. No advertisements for other events were displayed on the NWX event page.


The event platform’s interfaces enabled XING to better manage event data and automate processes. The XING Events platform used the Zapier Connector to link event and participant data to the newsletter software and the CRM tool. The independent systems were linked via the interface.

The XING Events API was used to transfer all participant data from the XING EventManager to the XING app. The ‘Near me’ function facilitated on-site networking among participants. This feature meant that visitors could network with other event participants with just a single click!

Entry management

The prestigious Elbphilharmonie venue meant it was key to adapt admission to the spatial conditions of the building. Almost 2000 participants had to pass through various turnstiles at the venue within the space of an hour. Admission had to be quick and smooth, but safety was especially important. Participants had received their badges in the post before the event. The Elbphilharmonie turnstiles were linked to the XING EventManager. Participants gained access to the Elbphilharmonie by simply scanning their tickets.

Case study NWX
Case study NWX
Case study NWX
Case study NWX
Case study NWX


The number of participants had doubled within the space of three years. The great growth in the number of participants entailed huge challenges in participant and admission management. The challenges were met with the smart XING Events participant management software and admissions management solution.

Save the date: The journey to the future continues! The fourth edition of New Work Experience will be held next year. Join pioneers, experts and practitioners in what may well be Germany’s most spectacular location – the Elbphilharmonie – on 10 June 2020 and exchange ideas on the future of the world of work!

Matthias Kupfer-Ruf Principal Brand Marketing, New Work SE

The numerous advertising opportunities offered by XING Events enabled us to reach a great many XING visitors, significantly enhancing our ticket sales.

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