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NWXnow Going from a large-scale offline event to a digital format

Initial position: Making the switch from offline to online events with a seamless registration process

The organisation

New Work SE and its brands strive to create a more fulfilling working environment with the help of their services and products. New Work SE employs a staff of about 2,000 people in total. A key element of the social engagement with which New Work SE monitors changes in the working environment is the New Work Experience (NWX), taking place since 2017. It is now the largest conference on ‘new work’ and brings together pioneers, visionaries, and practitioners on an annual basis to provide fresh inspiration for the future of work.


2020 changed everything: The NWX was supposed to be held in the Elbphilharmonie for the fourth time. Due to COVID-19 however, the organisation had to think of other ways to make sure their events can take place. Within a few weeks, the large-scale event had to be switched from an offline to an online format. This presented a great challenge that New Work SE was able to conquer with the help of its subsidiary, XING Events. NWX turned into the digital NWXnow.

COVID-19 not only changed the NWX and the entire event industry, but also most people’s daily work routine. Within only a few days and weeks, radical changes happened. Many companies entered the world of ‘new work’, and among the topics that organisations were concerned about were digitisation, changing values, and shortage of skilled labour. 

How do we proceed from here? What will last? And: What can we do? This is what the digital format of the NWXnow is all about. Since May 2020, Marc-Sven Kopka, VP External Affairs of New Work SE, and Astrid Maier, editor-in-chief of XING News, discuss changes in the working environment on a weekly basis. To this end, they talk with experts from society, industry, and politics using the NWXnow videocast.

This created a platform that allows for discussions regarding the future of work and provides orientation in times of uncertainty.

BTW: All of NWXnow’s contents are available online. Take a look here:

NWXnow Teaser - “Was kommt, was bleibt, was verändert sich?” (What will come, what will stay, what will change?) (Only in German)


In addition to smoothly integrating specific webinar tools and setting up an online event series (swiftly), New Work SE wanted to be able to offer their attendees a simple online registration process.

To digitise the NWX, we had to break completely new grounds – on short notice. We were lucky to have a service provider who is an expert in creating and setting up online events right within our company.
Marc-Sven KopkaVice President External Affairs New Work SE

Solution: Using an integrated online event link to quickly turn digital

Flexibly integrating the online registration solution

With the XING EventManager, the registration process becomes a breeze – no matter if it’s done online or offline. Thanks to detailed information on the organisation’s landing page and the ticket shop’s integration via iFrame, attendees can easily and directly register online from the landing page. In addition, potential attendees can also use the XING event page to register for the NWXnow.

Integrating GoToWebinar to create webinars in a few easy steps

Using a new feature within the XING EventManager, organisers can quickly and automatically connect to the GoToWebinar video conference software. With this software, the NWXnow team can swiftly set up weekly virtual live talks and workshops, including online registration forms as well as the ticket shop. Participants do not have to be linked to an external webinar tool or switch between two platforms. When creating webinars, this feature therefore helps the NWXnow planners to save a lot of time. Credentials to the respective digital format are automatically sent to the attendees.

Event Plus offers special contacting options

Links can easily be integrated on the Event Plus page. This allows New Work SE to directly incorporate links to its website on the event page and provide visitors with additional information which, as a positive side effect, leads to increased website traffic. In addition, organisers benefit from re-targeting activities, as event page visitors can be contacted again. They receive a personalised message sent to their inbox that is used to convince them to attend the event.

Result: Simple switch from offline to online

XING Events helped and helps to meet the challenges presented by a spontaneous switch from an offline to an online event without any hassle. After all, the number of registrations and attendees generated in the end exceeded expectations by far. New Work SE was able to achieve an incredible show rate of more than 75% during the first weeks of the event series.

With the online registration form, attendees benefit from a very convenient registration process right from the start. Thanks to the integration of GoToWebinar, creating online events is simple. It also allows organisers to save time and resources. Leveraging these advantages, the NWX was swiftly transformed into the NWXnow.

XING Events Tip: Whether registering for online networking or the virtual trade fair, whether different ticket categories or discount codes it's super easy with our online registration and payment processing. Plus we send tickets and dial-in data automatically.

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