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Online Marketing Rockstars | Ramp106 GmbH

Jasper Ramm

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lndustry: marketing
Event: conference
Partner since: 2008

Ramp106 GmbH
Lagerstraße 36
20357 Hamburg
  • Simple ticket shop and smooth admission
  • Generate awareness among the target group
  • Boost visibility of the event
Products used:
  • Online registration 
  • Event Marketing (Event Plus, Targeted ads, Highlight banner)
  • Entry management (EasyEntry)
  • Highly effective targeting of the specifid target group
  • 64% more visitors to the event website

In the success story of Online Marketing Rockstars you can read how you can get more event page visitors with target group specific event promotion.

Starting point and growth

The Online Marketing Rockstars conference is one of the most important industry events of the year. For several years, Ramp106 GmbH has relied on the professional event management solutions from XING Events. The organisers have  been using our ticketing and entry solutions as well as our marketing packages already since 2013 – with great results, as our solutions enabled the Ramp106 GmbH to increase their attendee numbers within four years from 1,200 to 26,872 in 2017.

Effective targeting options and the comprehensive marketing services provided by XING Events helped us to reach potential Online Marketing Rockstars Conference attendees quickly and easily.

Business Development, Online Marketing Rockstars


The XING Events team designed a comprehensive marketing strategy that was speci cally geared to Marketing Rockstars’ target audience. The XING Event Market provided an ideal marketing area for this target-group-focused approach. In  addition to the holistic marketing strategy, a professional ticketing and registration process was also set up.

XING EventManager

The XING Events ticket shop was quickly and easily integrated into Online Marketing Rockstars’ own website via iFrame. XING EventManager also enabled the creation of different ticket categories - such as early-bird and VIP tickets -  as well as the allocation of individual promotion codes.

Marketing on XING

Event Plus

The Event Plus option also made it possible to integrate the ticketshop into the XING event page. In particular, this simplified the purchasing process for people who had become aware ofthe event through the XING network. In addition to  accessing daily statistics, the conference was also recommended on XING event pages with a similar theme, which also created additional reach among the target groups.

Targeted ads on XING

Targeted ads enabled the organisers to promote their event within the XING network. Various selection criteria, such as age, career level and industry, allowed selective targeting of professionals and companies from the marketing sector.

Viral marketing

As soon as one member con rmed their attendance on the Event Plus page, this information was sent out via the personal network, increasing the event’s visibility even further. In addition, XING members were able to see who would be attending the event based on profile information, such as shared contacts or groups, and via the „people2meet” function. This made it possible to assess potential networking opportunities with specific members ofthe industry before the

Highlight banner

Awareness ofthe event was further increased via the highlights banner on the XING Event Market. The click-through rate of 1.48% confirmed that the target-group-focused approach had been successful.

Entry management with EasyEntry of XING Events

During the Online Marketing Rockstars Conference 2015, the organisers relied on the EasyEntry Mobile admission management system. After downloading the app, itself a very straightforward process, admission sta were able to easily scan tickets on the spot using a smartphone. The app also made it possible to ensure that each ticket was only used once. Due to the growing size of the event, the organisers are planning to use the EasyEntry desktop version in 2016. Thanks to this software and a barcode scanner, a variety of tickets can be managed and a smooth admission process ensured. And, to reflect the size of the event, a XING Events consultant will also be on site in future in order to guarantee  professional entry management.

Success story Online Marketing Rockstars
Success story Online Marketing Rockstars
Success story Online Marketing Rockstars
Success story Online Marketing Rockstars


The large number of target group-speciftc marketing measures helped to achieve a visible presence on the XING Event Market and a 64% increase in visitors to Online Marketing Rockstars’ event page. The extensive communication mix across the XING sites gave the event the maximum possible reach among the  relevant target groups. The purchasing process was also made easier for potential attendees thanks to an integrated ticket shop on the Event Plus page. As a result ofthe event’s success, Online Marketing Rockstars intends to plan and carry out numerous other events with XING Events in 2016. Due to these successes, the Online Marketing Rockstars remained XING Events’ cooperation partner throughout 2016 and 2017. And this success story continues, as we will be back to support the Ramp106 GmbH with our wide range of solutions at the 2018 Online Marketing conference.

Jasper Ramm Head of Business Development - Online Marketing Rockstars

The successful addressing of our target groups thanks to our presence in the industry highlight banner and newsletter focused even more attention on our conference within the XING network.

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