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June Yoon


Industry: Training
Event: training courses, seminars, conferences
Partner since: 2010

Success Resources
190 Macpherson Road #08-01, Wisma Gulab
Singapore 348548
  • Easy online registration with automated payment processing
  • Multilingual ticket shops with custom designs
  • Simple entry management
Products used:
  • Payment processing 
  • Entry management (EasyEntry)
  • 234 successfully managed events with over 115,000 ticket sales in 2015
  • Automated payment processing
  • Ticket shops in several languages
  • Increased reach for German-language events

Success Resources is a global business that exists to support individuals, enterprises and organizations through education and event management. Since 1992, its activities include the design, promotion and management of the best business and personal development seminars, educational programs and related products and services. Its events span 35 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, India, UK, South Africa, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Holland, and of course, Germany. Internationally, Success Resources organizes over 500 events every year with as many as 10,000 at a single event.

Initial situation

Success Resources is one of the world‘s leading seminar and training providers, hosting around 500 events annually with more than ten million attendees in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe. As well as ticketing software coupling online registration with global automated payment processing, Success Resources required a ticket shop that was easy to use and could incorporate event pages created with customised designs and content and available in various languages and currencies.

The global online registration system works in more than 35 countries and with 28 currencies — it’s made our processes much simpler while also boosting customer satisfaction.

June Yoon, International Project Director - Success Resources


XING EventManager is highly adaptable to the various requirements of our customers and allows both simple registration and global payment processing. The payment system currently offers 28 currencies with various payment options, a registration form that can be created in multiple languages, and a ticket page that customers can design themselves.

Ticketing and payment processing

International attendee registration

XING EventManager enables Success Resources to create custom event pages in various languages. The XING Events team rose to the challenge of integrating Asian languages, such as Chinese and Taiwanese, into the ticketing tool especially for the customer. The ticket shop can be specifically set up for different host countries around the world with downstream processes, such as the confirmation e-mail including ticket and invoice, being automatically sent to the ticket purchaser in the  selected language. Success Resources also requested a thank-you page which was created and displayed to users after their ticket purchase.

Flexible payment options

XING Events integrated new currencies into the payment system especially for the Asian and Australian markets. Purchasers can now choose from 28 different currencies and make payment by credit card or PayPal.

Customised event pages

XING EventManager has a simple user interface that enables Success Resources to create event pages on their own.  Extensive design options, individual contents and white labelling allowed them to adapt the ticket shop to fit in with their brand environment.

Entry management with EasyEntry from XING Events

Success Resources uses EasyEntry, the reliable entry management system from XING Events. The EasyEntry app can be easily downloaded onto a smartphone and tickets scanned on site using the device‘s camera. Using EasyEntry Desktop, organisers have access to the attendee list and can print badges quickly and easily on site.

Success story Success Resources
Success story Success Resources


In 2015, 234 Success Resources events were successfully handled in various countries with XING Events. Around 115,000 tickets were sold using XING TicketingManager and processed in a wide range of currencies and with various payment options. The ticket shops, thank-you pages, confirmation e-mails and invoices were adapted to the respective languages of the host countries. EasyEntry from XING Events ensured smooth entry processes and enabled fast on-site badge printing. Numerous marketing tools on XING increased the reach of events in German-speaking countries and generated increased attention for Success Resources. Success Resources plans to expand into new international markets in 2016 and therefore continues to develop its partnership with XING Events.

June Yoon International Project Director - Success Resources

The global online registration system works in more than 35 countries and with 28 currencies — it’s made our processes much simpler while also boosting customer satisfaction.

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