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Süddeutscher Verlag Veranstaltungen and Süddeutsche Zeitung

Sandra Raith


Industry: publishing
Event type: seminars, conferences
Partner since: 2013

Süddeutsche Zeitung GmbH / Süddeutscher Verlag
Veranstaltungen GmbH
Hultschiner Straße 8
81677 Munich
What was needed:
  • Flexible ticketing system
  • Tailored design
  • Increase reach among the relevant target group consisting of business professionals
  • Image-building
  • Data protection for attendees
Products used:
  • Online registration 
  • Event Marketing (Event Plus, Targeted ads, Highlight banner)
  • Payment processing
  • Boosted attendee numbers for the Knowledge Forum
  • Very high click rates on the teaser placed on the home page
  • Effortless ticket sales process thanks to customised ticket shop

Süddeutsche Zeitung is Germany’s largest national daily newspaper and the flag ship of Süddeutscher Verlag, one of Germany’s biggest media companies. It reaches a readership of 1,13 million readers (Media Analysis 2016) on a daily basis. The SZ employs hundreds of salaried editors and many freelancers who daily report current news and background information on politics, business, culture, media, sports, and science. The Munich area, the surrounding regions, and Bavaria have their own local, city, and regional editorial teams. Around 40 correspondents and dozens of local journalists monitor national and international  events. They report from German cities, Europe’s most important centres, and all continents. Süddeutscher Verlag Veranstaltungen GmbH (SV Veranstaltungen) is a Süddeutscher Verlag company (Munich), a subsidiary of Südwestdeutsche Medienholding (Stuttgart). More than 100 conferences and events benefit from  the proximity to and cooperation with the media of Süddeutscher Verlag, including a large number of professional information resources and, of course, Süddeutsche Zeitung itself.

Starting Point

Addressing Relevant Target Groups

Each year, Süddeutsche Zeitung organises the Economic Summit off ering varied discussions, valuable cross-examinations, and debates. The company was looking to generate relevant attendees from the business sector and establish visibility for the event. Due to high-priced tickets and the event’s exclusive nature, it was very important to the organisers to reach the right target group and to protect their attendees’ data.

Flexible Ticketing System

SV Veranstaltungen has been successfully cooperating with XING Events since 2013. For their series of lectures, including the Knowledge Forum of Süddeutsche Zeitung, they were looking for a flexible ticketing system. Their evening lectures offered several times a year are directed towards prospects who aim at professional and private development. These prospects can choose from different ticket categories.

The marketing solutions offered by XING Events led to great results. We were not only able to generate more attendees but also to boost our event reputation!

Sandra Raith - Marketing Manager, Süddeutscher Verlag Veranstaltungen

Our solution

For the SZ Economic Summit

Das XING Events Team konzipierte eine umfangreiche Vermarktungsstrategie, die speziell auf die Zielgruppe des SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfels ausgerichtet wurde. Der XING Eventmarkt bot hierbei eine optimale Vermarktungsoberfläche für eine zielgruppenrelevante Ansprache.

Event Marketing on XING

Teilnehmer individuell einladen mit Event Plus

Durch eine Eventseite mit der Zusatzfunktion „Event Plus“ konnten die Veranstalter im Reiter „Besucher“ sehen, welche XING Mitglieder die Eventseite angesehen und sich somit für die Veranstaltung interessiert haben. Anhand von Kontaktdetails wie Name und Position sowie Häufigkeit der Besuche konnte der Veranstalter potenzielle Teilnehmer identifizieren und sie mit einer personalisierten Nachricht einmalig zum Kongress einladen. Dadurch konnten weitere wertvolle und ausgewählte Teilnehmer für den SZ- Wirtschaftsgipfel gewonnen werden.

Event-Sichtbarkeit viral steigern

Sobald ein Mitglied seine Teilnahme auf der XING Eventseite bestätigte, wurde diese Information an das persönliche Netzwerk des Teilnehmers ausgespielt, wodurch die Sichtbarkeit des Events gezielt erhöht wurde. Außerdem wurden den Teilnehmern auf den Eventseiten konkrete Vorschläge eingeblendet, für welchen Kontakt das Event auch interessant wäre. Mit einem Klick konnten auch diese vorgeschlagenen Kontakte individuell zur Veranstaltung eingeladen werden.

For the Knowledge Forum

Der flexible XING TicketingManager konnte auf die unterschiedlichen Anforderungen für das Wissensforum angepasst werden. Neben der individuellen Gestaltung und einem unkomplizierten Kaufprozess für die Teilnehmer, ermöglicht der TicketingManager auch eine globale Zahlungsabwicklung.

XING TicketingManager

Flexible Ticket Shop for a Smooth Sales Process

By using the versatile functionalities of the XING TicketingManager, SV Veranstaltungen tailored the ticket shops for their lecture series to their individual needs. This allowed them to create a ticket shop with various ticket categories, e.g. subscription, early bird or regular tickets, for each event series. The attendees, on the other hand, were able to book tickets according to their needs and interests.

Integrated Ticketshop

Via iFrame, the organisers integrated the ticket shops directly into each event’s website, making sure that attendees do not have to leave the site.

Competent Service for More Efficiency

SV Veranstaltungen has been relying on the professional XING Events team for many years. Well-established processes, resulting from a long-standing cooperation of the two partners, help the organisers to save organisational time and effort.
The marketing solutions offered by XING Events led to great results. We were not only able to generate more attendees but also to boost our event reputation!

Targeted Ads

Using various selection criteria like industry, field of work, and career level, the event ads for the SZ Economic Summit were run within the relevant target group on XING. Additionally, they were displayed on the XING member’s home page in the news stream. Thanks to the prominent placement of the ads, the organisers were able to address the target group directly: business professionals, especially CEOs, and decisionmakers from the worlds of politics and business. Start Page Teasers: The Highly Visible Online Banner on the XING Home Page An online banner in the upper area of the XING home page complemented the communication mix on XING. This highly visible marketing tool increased the event’s visibility and boosted its reputation as the most important industry event of the year.

[Translate to EN:] Erfolgsgeschichte SV Veranstaltungen

The Result

Using the varied marketing tools from XING Events, Süddeutsche Zeitung increased its reach among the relevant target group and generated new attendees for the SZ Economic Summit. Via the Visitors function, the organisers could furthermore view prospects for their event. This presented an ideal opportunity to  follow-up on potential attendees, allowing the organisers to invite selected visitors to the event using a personalised message. After the congress, the organisers remained able to view and contact prospects individually. Both the XING Events team and the innovative ticketing system played an important role in meeting  the needs of SV Veranstaltungen. The integrated customised ticket shop on the web site created a simplifi ed purchasing experience for attendees. Because of these successes, SV Veranstaltungen will continue their cooperation with XING Events in the future.

Sandra Raith Marketing Manager - Süddeutscher Verlag Veranstaltungen

The marketing solutions offered by XING Events led to great results. We were not only able to generate more attendees but also to boost our event reputation!

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