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  • EuroITV 2012 – “Bridging People, Places and Platforms”

    EuroITV is the leading international conference for media and interaction related to video and television. This year’s theme of “Bridging People, Places and Platforms” focuses on synergies to support current practice and to explore new perspectives – empowering users to interact with content and each other across localities and across various delivery platforms and media.

    Researchers and practitioners from all over the world meet to discuss latest advances on media technology, HCI, systems & technology, media studies, and the content creation community. We invite original, high quality papers submissions addressing how digital technologies open up new ways of consumption and interaction with rich-media content. The main conference proceedings will be published by ACM. Selected papers will be short-listed for submission to special edition journals.

    This year’s conference consists of three tracks — each with its own program committee and separate track chairs — coordinated by two overall program chairs. Full papers, short papers and posters have to be submitted in one of these tracks, to optimize the review process. If not sure, choose the track, which is closest to the main topic of your submission, and of which you feel that community is most appropriate to review your work.

    Track 1: Human-Computer Interaction
    Track 2: Media, Social and Economic Studies
    Track 3: Systems and Enabling Technologies

    Key areas considered are:
    - mobility
    - interactivity
    - systems, prototypes, & designs
    - empowerment (control, accessibility, participation and UGC)
    - user & content based application systems
    - personalization
    - social consumption and communication practices.



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