1st Workshop of the Anglo-German Early Career Researcher Network on School-to-Work Transitions and Consequences for Individual Life Courses

hosted by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

Start: 04 Apr 2019

End: 05 Apr 2019

  • Overview

    This Anglo-German network is being set up to explore the dynamics of the school-to-work transition and its consequences across the life course in the context of educational expansion and technological change. Educational expansion, in particular of higher education, changes school-to-work transition patterns and individual career development in the labour market. At the same time, technological change affects the school-to-work transition by altering the process of individual skill acquisition and the fields of training and study available. The implications of these macro developments for social and educational inequality remain unclear.

    The benefit of an Anglo-German comparison in this context is the different timing and degree of educational expansion and technological change in their respective labour markets. Aligning research strategies using German and British data will enable us to generalise our findings given the different institutional settings. The first meeting of the network will focus on innovative empirical designs and on longitudinal data to provide new insights to these broad themes.

    Participants in the network should be close to completing a PhD or be within seven years of receipt of a PhD. They should be quantitative education or labour market researchers (economists, sociologists, psychologists, or a related social science discipline) and carry out research on the school-to-work transition and its consequences in the UK or Germany using (quasi-)experimental designs or longitudinal data. Ten will be based in Germany and 10 in the UK.

    A successful academic career relies on building strong international networks; however, opportunities for early career researchers to do this are limited. At the same time, there is uncertainty about how Brexit will affect the research funding landscape, particularly for international collaborations. The United Kingdom and Germany have strong research institutions and excellent sources of longitudinal data that can be used to answer questions about education, skills, and life outcomes.

    The first workshop will take place 4-5 April 2019 at the IAB in Nuremberg, Germany. A follow-up workshop will take place at University College London in the autumn.

    Senior academics

    • Prof. Michael Gebel (University of Bamberg)
      Prof. Sandra McNally (University of Surrey and London School of Economics)


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