• Day 1 - April 29


    Keynote Speech: “Success(ion) – the final test of greatness”

    Speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter May, Founder of INTES Academy for Family Businesses (Bonn) Chapter Director of F.B.N. Germany 

    NxG moderator: Anna Viegener

    It’s a simple truth: There is no family business without success(ion). Only if the baton can be passed successfully, does a business continue to be a family business – and the family a business family.

    But it is not as simple as that. In his welcoming address, Peter May talks about typical mistakes and the greatest challenges. He describes why each succession is different, why there is no recipe for success, and why we have such difficulty discussing truly important matters with one another. He also suggests practical ways in which it can work –successful succession.

  • Day 2 - April 30


    Keynote speech: Key ingredients for a successful succession planning

    Speaker: Jürgen Fitschen, Member of the Management Board, Deutsche Bank AG, Germany

    NxG moderator: Anna Viegener



    Family business case 1: Conquer your space in the family business for success(ion)

    Speaker: Carlos Trecenti and Sara Hughes, Lwart Group, Brazil

    NxG moderator: Rania Labaki

    “How would the NxG manage to successfully initiate changes in the family business, take over and significantly increase performance?” Carlos, a young second generation member, and his wife Sara will share their managerial succession experiences in a large Brazilian family business. You will learn how stressing patience, developing family business education and fostering tactful communication with the senior generation help overcoming expected and unexpected family and business challenges. By joining forces, Carlos and Sarah managed to make important changes on the corporate and family governance, strategic and social levels. With their impulsion, the family business has significantly grown and is now better prepared for the generations to come.


    Family business case 2: What it means when daughters mean business!

    Speaker: Carola Landhäuser, CEO Hark Treppenbau, Horstmann Group, Germany; Dominique Otten, University Witten-Herdecke

    NxG moderator: Dominique Otten


    In more and more cases a daughter chooses to be and is chosen as the next leader of the family business. In this workshop we want to explore what constitutes the particularities and challenges of female succession. What motivates young women to decide to take over the family business? Which pathways lead into the family business and is there a right path to success? What are the personal implications to consider before making this decision? These are some of the questions we will talk about while looking at one interesting succession story in detail as well as current theoretical insights. Come and discuss with us if you want to find out more and share your own experiences and thoughts about what it means when daughters mean business!


    Family business case 3: Fighting family business crisis – Lessons on survival

    Speakers: Andrea Prym-Bruck, Member of Shareholders Committee, William Prym GmbH & Co. KG, Germany; Catharina Prym, Shareholder of William Prym GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    NxG moderator: Samuel Maldonado

    William Prym is the oldest industrial family owned business in Germany. Founded in 1530 Prym is a world-recognized brand, supplying high quality haberdashery products to the fashion and consumer markets. Without knowing it, many of us have used Prym products throughout our lives in the form of buttons, snap fasteners and electronic devices found in mobile phones or cars. When the company was embroiled in a public scandal with the EU competition commission in 2004, the news came as a shock to the majority of the family members. Taken aback by the sudden negative impact, the family was endangered to break apart and temporarily left the company vulnerable to third party opportunist and banks. The only way to save the company and its centuries of tradition was to bring the family together on a united vision. Please join us in a frank and open conversation with a mother-daughter team that were intimately involved throughout this process.


    Family business case 4: Managing a private bank through financial turmoil

    Speaker: Friedrich Von Metzler, Member of Partners Committee B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. Holding AG, Bankhaus Metzler, Germany

    NxG moderator: Thilo Wersborg

    Metzler Bank is the oldest German private bank with an unbroken tradition of family ownership. Building on the slogan “Future needs Origin”, Friedrich von Metzler acts as a trustee looking after the bank for the next generation active in the business, mainly in the person of Leonhard von Metzler. You will learn how to achieve family and work balance as a manager. You will be also acquainted with the model chosen by Metzler Bank to last for generations and survive in periods of financial turmoil.



    Workshop 1: Distributing dividends is not enough - how to integrate shareholders in a large family business.

    Speakers: Dr. Jürgen Heraeus and Alexandra Heraeus, Heraeus Holding GmbH, Germany

    NxG moderator: Dominique Otten

    Dr. Jürgen Heraeus and Alexandra Heraeus will elaborate from different angles of their vision that the primary relationship between the family business and its shareholders should not be of financial nature alone. Much rather, the aim should lie in creating family bonds that act supportively on the business and create identification with the company.

    With more than 200 shareholders, Heraeus is facing the situation of having to bond these family members to the business and transforming passive shareholders into active ones. Acknowledging the complexity of this endeavour, the Management Board and family decided to install a calendar of events for the shareholders, each focusing on a different aspect of networking, knowledge transfer or education of the young shareholders. Through these activities and events, the family aims at creating the understanding that each shareholder is part of a “shareholder puzzle”, which is essential for a good functioning of both the family and the business. The workshop will give insights on why shareholder integration is vital and what steps can be undertaken to achieve family bonding with examples given from Heraeus.


    Workshop 2: “To work or not to work in the multigenerational family business?” That is the NxG question!

    Speaker: Santiago Pery, Member of the Family Council, Racafe, Colombia

    NxG moderator: Rania Labaki

    Common wisdom reminds us that “The first generation creates the business, the second develops it, and the third brings it to ruin”. The NxG poses indeed many challenges in multigenerational family businesses. Starting the third generation, the senior generation is often torn between the decision of opening versus closing the family business gates to NxG members. For the sake of protecting the accumulated wealth since many generations, the senior generation often refrains from finding an intermediary solution allowing the NxG to join the business. Strict rules are set instead, making the journey for the NxG willing to work for the business an almost impossible quest. Santiago, a NxG member of a large multigenerational family business in Colombia, is struggling at the heart of this battlefield. Through an interactive session based on his family business case, you will be invited to take part in his journey and reflect on yourself to find your optimal path through the business. Time for you to conquer the senior generation’s hearts and minds while collaborating with the other next generation members for an equitable process of success(ion).


    Workshop 3: Tell me what your key values are, I tell you about your leadership style … Towards the NxG leader success(ion)

    Speaker: Dennis Jaffe, Professor of organizational systems and psychology at Saybrook University, San Francisco

    NxG moderator: Rania Labaki

    Grounding the style of leaders lies in the values that guide their lives and choices. Discovering and exploring the meaning of one’s personal values is an essential element of leadership. However, it is often difficult to define them clearly, and clarify what specifically they mean in action.

    This workshop will guide you in the Values Edge process, which has been developed over 20 years to guide individuals, families, groups and organizations in the process of wealth exploration. Using a deck of Values Cards, which you may keep, you will create a pyramid of your core values, and then transfer it to a display card, so that you can compare your values with those of other Next Generation members. You will then learn how to interpret your values profile, and see what key values motivations guide your life and define your leadership style. After defining your personal values, you will work in table groups to explore how you can bring some of your key values to your family, as you act as a next generation family leader.



    Workshop 4: Between Generation 3 and 5 - Succession in 1990 and after 2020

    Speaker: Arndt G. Kirchhoff, Chairman, owner and CEO of Kirchhoff Automotive GmbH

    NxG moderator: Ingo Stork genannt Wersborg


    The speaker as the eldestof 4 children took over the 227-year old company in 1990 and grew the KIRCHHOFF Group to a global company in the breathtaking mobility sector together with his brothers. The company is acting as automotive supplier and special vehicle manufacturer.The third Generation saw 1 owner, the fourth Generation 4 owners and the fifth Generation will see up to possibly 12 owners. Arndt will look back, how he and his  brothers successfully took over from last generation and compare with the process of succession that was initiated 2 years ago to transfer the companies after 2020. You will learn the differences in time, culture and change of family business dynamics.



    Closing speech: (Re-)Framing NxGs roles and responsibilities in times of crises

    Speaker: Sheikha Hessa Al-Khalifa, Director of Housing Policy and Strategic Planning, Ministry of Housing, Member of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bahrain

    NxG moderator: Julia Hieber

    How family roles and responsibilities in times of uncertainty and conflict are redefined? Sheikha Hessa Al-Khalifa will share with us her insights from a particular part of the world deeply concerned about such turbulent context. She will relate how intricately interwoven the history, politics and economics of the Gulf region are with how families redefine themselves across time and space. She will focus on the process of (re-)framing the role of the NxGs in large families with economic, social and political activities, especially in times of crisis. In this process, you will be encouraged to explore and utilize your own family pool of talents (soft skills, network, and professional skills) and consider your role as a NxG in keeping the family united in the face of risk of exclusion, disinterest and disintegration.

  • Day 3 - May 1


    Keynote Speech: Strategic management of an international carmaker in dynamic market conditions

    Speaker: Rupert Stadler, CEO of AUDI AG, Germany

    NxG moderator: Thilo Wersborg

    How will sustainable solutions for future mobility look like? What is the mission of the Audi Urban Future Initiative? What drives a car manufacturer like Audi to present itself at IT trade fairs such as CES andCeBIT? How did China turn out to be Audi’s largest single market? In his speech on strategic management, Rupert Stadler, CEO of AUDI AG, will also share his personal views about corporate responsibility.



    Educational session 1: Financial Security - Protect your family wealth in a hectic environment

    Speaker: Alex Arnback, CEO of ProGaia, Switzerland

    NxG moderator: Rania Labaki

    Family business owners often concentrate wealth and risk in their company. This is why most of them want to enjoy the security of having money on the side. During the last couple of years, a period of much uncertainty, most investors have been disillusioned and lost faith in their so-called advisor or banker. During this session, you will learn how to make smart decisions about your money relying on powerful techniques your banker does not tell you about.


    Educational session 2: Towards political representation in the media – Play a role to promote your family business

    Speaker: Marie-Christine Ostermann, Federal Chairperson of the German Association of Young Entrepreneurs, Germany

    NxG moderator: Thilo Wersborg

    What relevant knowledge about politics does a NxG need to be acquainted to in order to play a significant role benefiting the family business and the broader community? This workshop will present insights from Marie-Christine Ostermann, the Federal Chairperson of the German Association of Young Entrepreneurs, a lobby of young family and owner entrepreneurs. Based on her expertise and her experience within this association, Ms. Ostermann will elaborate on the close connection that exists between the political work and the media work. She will also present some of the association’s campaigns and projects while reflecting on how NxG young entrepreneurs can apply the developed concepts in practice.


    Educational session 3: Who's the Mentor Now? Keys to Effective Intergenerational Communication

    Speaker: Niki Kux Kardos, Founder and family business coach of Nexus Facilitation & Coaching,Canada

    NxG moderator: Rania Labaki

    It's still a fact that family businesses fail rather than succeed when it comes to succession. Up until now, the senior generation members have often been held responsible: They don't plan, they don't communication, they don't let go. But what about us, the Next Generation? Does the future of the family business not ultimately land in our hands? There is plenty we can do to contribute to family business success(ion). The secret? First get to know yourself and align your ultimate goals with the family business. Then, lead the way with authentic, credible and collaborative communication. Who is the mentor now?


    Educational session 4: On being a good and responsible NxG owner

    Speaker: Hermut Kormann, Former CEO of Voith, Germany

    NxG moderator: Dominique Otten

    “Can´t work in the family business!” is common in multi-generational and multi-owners businesses. These family businesses are often professionalized with a significant presence of non-family managers. The family owners are mainly responsible for securing the positive impact of the family on the business. What about “being a NxG owner” as a (part-time) profession? What competencies and code of conduct is needed for a NxG interested in filling up this position in a responsible and efficient way? A non-family manager with a long-term experience in family businesses will guide you through the process of endorsing the responsible NxG owner role. Get to learn about the fundamental responsibilities ahead of you to shape the family business constitution, to participate in the governance, to assess the strategic options from an ownership perspective and to overcome the challenges securing the transfer of ownership to the NxG.



    Panel Discussion 1: On the road to becoming the steward of your family business

    Speakers: Rafael Kisslinger Da Silva, Grupo Condor, Latin America; Mary Kay Mudd, Mudd Advertising, North America

    Other guest(s) to be announced soon

    NxG moderator: Samuel Maldonado

    NxGs coming from different continents and cultural backgrounds will share their experiences and thoughts on how to play the role of steward of the family business. Through an interactive discussion, they will suggest unique ways through which a NxG can make a difference whatever his/her level of involvement in the family businesses.


    Panel Discussion 2: Nurturing philanthropy and social entrepreneurship

    Speakers: Katja Urbatsch - social entrepreneur and Ashoka fellow, Joern Pelzer - founder and partner of PINOVA Capital, Munich, Ashoka

    NxG moderator: Caroline Thijssen

    Social Entrepreneurs want to solve relevant social problems with innovative concepts, at their own risk – and with entrepreneurial spirit. Ashoka identifies these pioneers and supports them as social investors at an early stage of their work with a stipend, probono-services and access to global networks. This helps them spread their innovation both nationally and internationally.

    Since 1980 Ashoka supports about 3000 Fellows in 70 countries worldwide while being financed by a private network of entrepreneurs. How does the work of social entrepreneurs look like? Which kind of support is beneficial for them? What can they contribute to individually?

    As a live example, a German Ashoka fellow and an Ashoka investor will talk about their collaboration to spurt the growth of the innovative idea. You will learn from first-hand-experience which hurdles social entrepreneurs face – and what and who they need to overcome them. Particularly, you will get an inside view on how you can have an active and relevant role as a business entrepreneur.



    Closing Speech: “Caught in the crossfire - decisions under pressure

    Speaker: Urs Meier, Former FIFA Referee, Switzerland

    NxG moderator: Anna Viegener

    You are often confronted with a decision? Should act quickly and impartially, and take full responsibility at the same time?
    Urs Meier has a lot to share with decision makers: What role do feelings, the mind and experience play in our decisions making process and how can we learn to overcome the fear of taking difficult decisions.

    You will retrieve the answers in Urs Meier's impulsive key note speech and the following “food for thought”:

    • You will be judged by your decisions - whether you take them under pressure or not.
    • No decision is a decision! You are not only responsible for what you do, but also for what you do not do!
    • It is not a sign of weakness to admit mistakes and false decisions.
    • After you have made ​​a decision, you must enforce it. Only then your employees will follow your path.
    • You have to respect people. Only if you show appreciation towards your employees, you will be credible.
    • Be self-confident. But caution: It's a fine line beteween self-confidence and presumptuousness.
    • Allow yourself a pad on the back, if you are successful. It's a good feeling.

    The newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” has called Urs Meier a “giftet speaker with lot’s of humour and self-mockery”. Participants can therefore look forward to an informative and entertaining session.


















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