Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern 2019

organisiert durch Enerchange GmbH & Co. KG

Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft

Beginn: Montag, 07.10.2019 um 14:30

Ende: Mittwoch, 09.10.2019 um 18:00

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  • Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern

    In the South of Bavaria exists worldwide unique conditions for geothermal low-enthalpy energy production. 23 projects are already operating, further are under construction and in planning. The Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern 2019 from October 7 to 9 offers the possibility to learn more about experiences and the know-how of the local actors and build up useful contacts. In the heart of Bavaria - in the center of Germany's geothermal energy production.

    Continously growing interest

    Since the first event in 2013 the interest in the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern grows continously. Meanwhile the participants doubled and since in 2016 a simultaneous translation is offered, the Praxisforum became an international event. One of the benefits of the Praxisforum is the independent program management with invited speakers in step with actual practice related to actual topics of the technology. In addition to the presentations there is also plenty of room for discussions about topical foci and intensive networking. The Praxisforum-Lounge after the congress, where all participants, speakers and sponsors are invited, perfects the event.


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    Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft Max-Joseph-Straße 5 80333 München Deutschland
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