Product Owner Day

hosted by Martin Heider & Fabian Schiller

Tullnau Tagungspark

Start: Monday, 28 Nov 2016 09:00

End: Monday, 28 Nov 2016 18:00

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  • Titel

    How can Product Owners involve and delight their stakeholders and teams? How can we build and communicate visions in a lean way? How do we cope with our product portfolio? How do we get real and valuable feedback from our customers? You might even have more questions, for which you haven’t found answers within your company yet.

    We want to provide a space for Product Owners to exchange their questions, ideas, experiments, experiences, success and failure stories in order to learn from each other. So that you get inspirations for experiments, you can run tomorrow.

    9:00 Coffee & Welcome
    9:30 Impulse Talk
    10:30 Open Space Opening
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Open Space
    17:00 Closing
  • Anfahrt

    Event venue address

    Am Tullnaupark 2 90402 Nürnberg Germany
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Event organizer: Martin Heider & Fabian Schiller
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