• EU-Consultation Meeting

    Road4FAME EU-Consultation Meeting

    Digital Revolution in Europe: Converging Visions for a Smarter World

    Brussels, 22nd May 2015

    Enabling digital revolution is key to uplift Europe’s innovation capacity. Bringing together experts from various fields of ICT, from cyber-physical systems (CPS), the Internet of Things (IoT) to Factories of the Future (FoF), this full-day event will explore respective visions on a smarter world that is imagined to be highly performing, progressive, energy saving, socially and environmentally sustainable, but yet competitive. The event will gather high-level speakers from the European Commission, as well as academia and relevant industries and gives you the opportunity to build ground for cooperation.

    The Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things

    Digital components are increasingly integrated and embedded into products and services that are in everyday usage. In the future, so called cyber-physical systems (CPS) will become natural in managing complex systems (e.g. smart grids, transport, water management systems and manufacturing) and will make everyday objects intelligent (e.g. homes, offices, cars, trains, cities and clothes). If the latter are interacting via the internet, this leads to a network of physical objects – the Internet of Things (IoT). Both CPS and IoT communities foresee large potential in creating a competitive edge for Europe, serving existing and new markets across different industries and sectors.

    Digital industrial innovation in Europe

    On the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, ICT – specifically architectures and services - are key innovation drivers for manufacturing companies. Creating and exploiting suitable architectures and services combined with corresponding innovation strategies and business models will help to modernize Europe’s manufacturing capabilities and master global competition. It is expected that in the future, traditional factories will increasingly be transformed into smart digital manufacturing environments, yet the potential for ICT in manufacturing is far from being fully exploited. The exact needs of manufacturing companies and the required future research call for alignment in order to succeed with the practical implementation of new IT architectures and services. In addition to the preliminary findings of the Road4FAME project, this event will feature the visions and results of other key players and EU-financed projects in corresponding areas.

    Towards a Smarter World

    In order to generate smart products, services and industrial processes, multidisciplinary cooperation is required in order to exploit synergies across value chains and application areas. This includes areas such as embedded software, hardware and microelectronics in order to make the vision of a “smarter everywhere society” come true.  The European Commission’s Smart Anything Everywhere initiative in particular addresses this issue and aims to facilitate the future development of innovative, sustainable and competitive smart products and services. This is also supported by the smart specialisation policy, which encourages platform building and the establishment of innovation ecosystems.

    Key questions to be addressed are: Is the vision of highly performing, environmentally friendly and socially sustainable, but yet competitive processes and products feasible? What is the potential of the Internet of Things? What are the research and innovation challenges for Cyber-Physical Systems? How can the Factories of the Future Private Public Partnership (FoF-PPP) further boost competitiveness and secure Europe’s leadership?

    Join this conference to find out more! The Road4FAME Consortium is looking forward to welcoming you to this event and sharing opinions with you. Spread the word among your professional network!

    Have a look at the provisional agenda.

    *Note: The event will be a follow-up event to Cyber-Physical Systems: Uplifting Europe’s Innovation Capacity (29.-30.10.2013 - http://www.amiando.com/cps-conference.html) and will be held in conjunction with the I4MS Conference – the Factories of the Future (FoF) initiative for manufacturing SMEs.

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