The event is organised by the European Commission - Directorate General CONNECT.

    Road4FAME Coordinator Contact:

    Dr Meike Reimann  reimann@steinbeis-europa.de related to the programme.

    Sarah Mortimer  mortimer@steinbeis-europa.de

    Carsten Rückriegel  rueckriegel@steinbeis-europa.de


    Olga Marschalek (Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum)  marschalek@steinbeis-europa.de related to organisation.

    For any questions during the event: +49.160.324 9723

    Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum der Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH
    Erbprinzenstraße 4-12
    D-76133 Karlsruhe
    Phone: +49 721 9 35 19 0
    Fax: +49 721 9 35 19 20
    Internet: www.steinbeis-europa.de


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