• G Data Social Event

    G Data EventNext to their anti-virus products, G DATA is known as the evening sponsor of the Ruhr University's HackPra lecture. As it is in the case of HackPra, RuhrSec will have an awesome evening event too.

    Every participant with a valid ticket is invited to be our guest at the social event. G Data provides awesome people and tasty food and as well as high quality drinks. Feel free to join us and to talk with other security interested people, including the speakers.


    Location: G DATA Academy, Königsallee 178, D-44799 Bochum

    How to get there: After the conference we will go together to the location by using public transport systems. More information is given before the first conference keynote.

    German way description: Download PDF

    Time: After the conference (>=17:00 o'clock)

Short event description

Non-profit IT security conference in the Ruhr area.


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