• About TEDxJIS 2019: Solve for X

    The world is full of questions that lead us to wonder about the relationship between x and y. This year, we set out to explore these connections to see if we can understand our world better.

    Join us on February 16, 2019, for our annual conference featuring talks and performances by students, teachers, and alumni. Each of our speakers has chosen a different topic to explore: What happens when someone tells a child, “You’re no good”? Why does “na nana nananana” make a hit song? How could positive thinking possibly make you anxious? Just as there are often many ways to solve the same math equation, our speakers take many routes to arrive at their answers.

    Expect more than a showcase of speakers. This is the time for you to engage with their ideas, ask them questions, and continue discussions long after the last light snack has been consumed.

  • Pay in cash

    Jakarta Intercultural School community members can buy tickets at the Cilandak campus and pay in cash. Please log in to your JIS account for details.

    TEDxJIS is an independently organized event under license from TED. Due to conference requirements, we cannot sell tickets at the door.

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