• Thunder Day on 20th November 2017 in Hamburg

    Meet the Thunder Community, share experiences with publishers and IT experts, and shape the future of Thunder.


    What to expect?

    • Learn the latest news about Thunder, e.g. the new editorial backend
    • Receive a sneak preview of Thunder’s new features
    • Gain insights into Thunder projects worldwide
    • Participate in workshops covering technical advancements
    • Learn from the experiences of other industries working with open source technology
    • Deepen your familiarity with the Thunder Community at the get-together in the evening


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    Monday, 20th November 2017

    Programme starts at 10.00am (doors open at 9.00am)

    Get-together starts at 6.00pm



    Wälderhaus, Am Inselpark 19, 21109 Hamburg


    We look forward to welcoming you to our first Thunder Day!

  • Speakers Annuncement

    Collin Müller, Hubert Burda Media: Welcome
    10:00 – 10:20, Room Heuckenlock


    Ingo Rübe, Hubert Burda Media: Keynote – State of the Union
    10:20 – 10:45, Room Heuckenlock


    Stratos Filalithis and Tim Gray, University of Edinburgh:  Innovation via collaboration in the development of the University of Edinburgh CMS
    10:45 – 11:15, Room Heuckenlock


    Nathan Maehren, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities: Open Y – Bringing Digital Transformation to a 170-year-old global YMCA Brand
    11:15 – 11:45, Room Heuckenlock


    Andreas Ländle, Droemer Knaur: Thunderstruck – Agile Values, Design Thinking and MVPs in Book Publishing
    11:45 – 12:15, Room Heuckenlock


    Richard Jones, Inviqa: Personalisation in 7 Dimensions
    12:15 – 12:45, Room Heuckenlock


    Oliver Berndt, Österreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag: Contentpool for Publishers. Our way from Drupal 6 to Thunder.
    13:45 – 14:15, Room Heuckenlock


    Mladen Todorovic, Thunder Core Team: IPFS – The Distributed Web
    13:45 – 14:15, Room Wohldorfer Wald


    Adam Zielinski and Martin Gaiger, Telekurier Online Medien: Digital Transformation of a Daily News Publisher
    14:15 – 14:45, Room Heuckenlock


    Sebastian Siemssen, Amazee Labs: Decoupled Drupal in the age of GraphQL
    14:15 – 14:45, Room Wohldorfer Wald


    Johannes Haseitl, undpaul, Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth, THE DIGITALE, and Saskia Rettenbacher, Messe München: Case Study ISPO.COM - How Thunder drives Content Marketing
    14:45 – 15:15, Room Heuckenlock


    Christian Sattel, Hubert Burda Media: Alexa, Siri & Co. (tbd)
    14:45 – 15:15, Room Wohldorfer Wald


    Stephan Heck, sprylab technologies: Thunder and Purple DS to serve all digital channels
    15:15 – 15:45, Room Heuckenlock


    Daniel Bosen, Thunder Core Team: Thunder – What's coming
    15:15 – 15:45, Room Wohldorfer Wald


    Patrick Lithander, fischerAppelt, and Alexander Dobbert, Fork Unstable Media: CMS requirements for the content marketing industry
    16:15 – 16:45, Room Heuckenlock


    Christian Glanzmann, A&F Computersysteme: Thunder as a Content Hub (tbd)
    16:45 – 17:15, Room Heuckenlock


    Thor Andre Gretland and Roberto Ornelas, frontkom: University – a Drupal 8 distribution for universities and colleges
    17:15 – 17:45, Room Heuckenlock

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  • About Thunder

    Thunder is web-based, open-source, Drupal 8-based Content Management System (CMS) for professional publishing. It consists of the current Drupal 8 functionality and lots of handpicked publisher-centric modules with custom enhancements. As members of the Thunder Coalition, publishers, industry partners, and developers build custom extensions and share them with the Coalition to further enhance Thunder.

Short event description

Meet publishers and IT experts in Hamburg, exchange experiences and shape the future of Thunder.



  • How to get there

    Event venue address

    Wälderhaus, Hamburg Am Inselpark 19 21109 Hamburg Germany
    Wheelchair friendly Unknown
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