Young Hoteliers Summit 2021

hosted by Young Hoteliers Summit

Start: Monday, 22 Mar 2021 09:00

End: Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 18:00

  • Introduction

    The scope of hospitality is ever-evolving - how will this continue to challenge the industry in this coming decade? Mindsets and preferences are shifting faster than some can adapt. At the core of navigating this evolution, are the people who need to adopt a multi-generational perspective, in order to drive business transformation alongside these changing needs. YHS 2021 seeks to empower our attendees to face the industry's challenges head-on, by inspiring a mindset that is constantly set on adapting and growing.

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  • Programme

    DAY 1: Monday, 22nd March 2021

    • 11:00 – Welcome Ceremony by YHS Team
    • 11:15 – Rethink: Opening Keynote by Peter Brennan from IHG Hotels & Resorts
    • 13:00 – RISE x YHS: Special Conference with Demian Hodari, Anita Mendriatta, Steve Hood
    • 14:10 – Fireside Chat: “Revenue Performance for the Rebound” with Vivek Bhogaraju, Cindy Heo (interviewer)
    • 15:15 – “The Non-Human Touch” Panel with Ian Millar (moderator), Carlos Moreira, Monika Nerger, Chi Chan, Kris Singleton
    • 16:05 – Day 1 Closing


    DAY 2: Tuesday, 23rd March 2021

    • 11:00 – Day 2 Introduction by YHS Team
    • 11:10 – “Day in the Life of a Managing Director” with Vincent Billiard from Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel
    • 12:40 – “Career Path in Hospitality: Life has more imagination than us” with Maud Bailly from Accor
    • 13:20 – “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” Panel with Devi Virdi (moderator), Siobhan Thomas, Sindy Tsui, Malaika Myers, Beks Ndlovu
    • 15:35 – "Rebuilding the Tourism Industry, Brick by Brick" with Taleb Rifai, Former Secretary-General of UNWTO
    • 16:20 – “Air, Land and Sea” Panel with Henri Roelings (moderator), Alain Leboursier, Martijn Brouwer, Lorenzo Stoll, Gary Franklin
    • 17:10 – Day 2 Closing


    DAY 3: Wednesday, 24th March 2021

    • 11:00 – Day 3 Introduction by YHS Team
    • 11:10 – “Rejuvenate: Air, Mattress, Bed and Breakfast” with Susan Wheeldon from Airbnb
    • 11:35 – “The Future of Luxury Hospitality: Accelerating Innovation and the Evolution of the Guest Experience” with Christian Clerc from Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
    • 13:20 – “The Power of G(Local)” Panel with Juliet Kinsman (moderator), Ted Teng, Eugenio Pirri, Tony Chisholm, Serena Guen
    • 15:25 – Fireside Chat: “Building Brands that Inspire Discovery” with Sharan Pasricha, Demian Hodari (interviewer)
    • 16:00 – “The Nextgen Start-up Manual” Panel with Demian Hodari (moderator), Nico Barawid, Anastasia Hofmann, Chip Conley, Rafael Museri
    • 16:50 – Day 3 Closing


    DAY 4: Thursday, March 25th 2021

    • 10:00 – Day 4 Introduction by YHS Team
    • 10:15 – “Ecosystems at Work – What We Can Learn From Biodiversity” with Markus Müller from Deutsche Bank
    • 10:40 – Sustainability: "When Youth Leads the Way" by Melati Wijsen from Bye Bye Plastic Bags and YOUTHOPIA
    • 12:25 – “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” with Bill Bensley from BENSLEY
    • 13:00 – “Our House is on Fire” Panel with Anita Mendiratta (moderator), Neil Jacobs, Tim Weiland, Portia Hart, Amanda Ho
    • 15:15 – “Investing in Your Greener Future” with Craig Cogut from Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P.
    • 15:35 – Closing Ceremony with Challenge Winner Announcement by IHG Hotels & Resorts


Short event description

A MACROSCOPIC VIEW: RETHINK, RE-SCULPT, REJUVENATE. Expanding the definition of hospitality, we aspire to cover a macroscopic view of the shifts in the industry.


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